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5% AP

95% AD

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Jungle Jungle  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Graves

Graves Laning Against

Graves Laning Against

Graves auto attacks are not always effective as monsters/minions/towers block his damage and consume a bullet. Stay behind a monster or minion to avoid his auto-attack damage. When fighting around the Scuttle Crab, make sure it’s in between you and him so it blocks an auto.

When duelling Graves, try and stand away from terrain as he will use it to his advantage to make his End of the LineQ explode quicker.

Graves is a very strong duelist. Don’t fight him unless he’s low on health and low on ammo. He is also very good at kiting as well.

Graves Strategy VS

Graves Strategy VS

Vision is your best friend against Graves. If you can see him before he ganks a lane, it will be harder for him to get kills and snowball. Make sure you place wards around his jungle entrances to spot him leaving his jungle.

Grouping against Graves will prevent him from taking down key targets in team fights as he will struggle to get through multiple champions at once. CC is also very good against him as he is quite immobile even with his Ultimate Collateral DamageR and QuickdrawE.

In the later stages of the laning phase and early into the mid-game, he will try and kill isolated targets that are walking through Summoners Rift alone. Stick to walking around the map through warded areas only especially if he’s ahead.

Graves Power Spikes

Graves Power Spikes

Graves is really strong in the early game and he will look to abuse 1v1 fights in the jungle. Make sure you ward the river and communicate with your team whenever he’s spotted.

From levels 1 to 4, unless you’re healthy, you will find it difficult to trade and fight Graves unless he’s off to a rough start. If you spot him, don’t automatically try to fight him as he is incredibly strong early on.

Once Graves hit’s level 6, his duelling power increases dramatically. Continue to avoid fighting him when he has his Ultimate Collateral DamageR as he will beat most Junglers unless he’s behind.

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