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general guide on how to counter Lucian

Lucian Laning Against

Lucian Laning Against

Watch out for Lucian’s Piercing LightQ as he will try to line it up so it hits the minion wave and you at the same time.

Lucian is very strong in the early game and will look to abuse his strengths to get a lead. Avoid dying to him so he doesn’t get ahead.

Wait for Lucian to use his Relentless PursuitE before initiating a fight or trying to land CC. Whenever his Relentless PursuitE is down, he is much weaker and will find it harder for him to defend himself.

Lucian Strategy VS

Lucian Strategy VS

In team fights, take care that Lucian can use his Relentless PursuitE to reposition and escape danger. Try and wait for him to use his Relentless PursuitE before using your CC abilities so it’s harder for him to dodge them.

Avoid letting Lucian get a full channel of his Ultimate The CullingR on you in a team fight by disengaging or cancelling it with CC.

Lookout for Lucian’s positioning. He will often walk forward in order to land auto attacks. Once he has mispositioned, use this to your advantage to focus him down.

Lucian Power Spikes

Lucian Power Spikes

Lucian’s level 2 power spike is no joke. Make sure you hit level 2 at the same time as him to reduce his ability to all in you. Level 2 is the first wave followed by the next 3 melee minions on the second wave.

At level 6, Lucian has a lot more trading power thanks to his Ultimate The CullingR. Once he activates it, try to either reposition, disengage or lock him down with CC so he is unable to land every bullet on you.

Whenever Lucian’s Relentless PursuitE is up, he will be stronger as he can dodge skill shots and CC. If he uses this ability aggressively, use the cooldown of it to play aggressive and trade with him.

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