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95% AD

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general guide on how to counter Quinn

Quinn Laning Against

Quinn Laning Against

Quinn is an early game bully and will try to harass and poke you as often as she can. Try and stay outside of her auto-attack range and be prepared to sacrifice some CS for XP so you don’t fall behind.

Once Quinn hits level 6, her kill pressure in a trade doesn’t exactly increase as her Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR is a utility tool. However, her ability to roam does. If she leaves lane, ping your teammates so they know that she is missing.

Keeping the minion wave closer to your side of the map in the early game will allow you to get gold and XP without fear of Quinn zoning you away and denying you farm. Post 6, you shouldn’t be freezing as it will give Quinn an opportunity to roam.

Quinn Strategy VS

Quinn Strategy VS

Quinn cannot team fight easily. She will try to flank from the side with her Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR and get on to a carry. Ward your flanks to make it harder for her to engage for free.

If Quinn can’t team fight, she will stay in a side lane and try to split push. You can either send someone who has TP to prevent her from taking side towers, or you can quickly engage on to the enemy team and start a fight. Do not delay a team fight as it will give Quinn time to take an objective or rotate to join her team.

Quinn’s pick potential is high. When sieging an objective, make sure nobody in your team is too far forward as she can pick them off with her VaultE and start the fight.

Quinn Power Spikes

Quinn Power Spikes

Quinn’s early game is incredibly strong. At level 1, do not let her bully you down with her basic attacks.

Unlike other champions, Quinn’s level 6 power spike doesn’t offer her much in lane. But her Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR does offer her a lot of roaming potential. As soon as she hits level 6 and goes missing, communicator with your team so they know shes left lane.

Once Quinn has completed her first item, her kill pressure intensifies. If you’re behind, avoid fighting her at all costs as she will undoubtedly beat you in a 1v1.

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