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general guide on how to counter Draven

Draven Laning Against

Draven Laning Against

The biggest weakness for Draven is crowd control (especially stuns, snares, knock-ups). If you are playing a champion with skill shots and CC, aim them at the Axe Spinning AxeQ drop location.

Draven is one of the best snowballing champions in the game thanks to his Passive and Spinning AxeQ. If you can’t win the 2v2, ask your Jungler to come and reset his Adoration (Passive) stacks by killing him.

Draven can out trade most champions in the early game. You shouldn’t look to fight him unless he drops an Axe Spinning AxeQ.

Draven Strategy VS

Draven Strategy VS

You need to be very respectful against Draven as he can dish out tons of damage if he gets a few kills in the laning phase. Keep an eye out for his itemisation as the game develops and play accordingly.

Draven is hard to play in team fights as he has to control his Axes Spinning AxeQ. In team fights, try to lock him down with CC to make it really hard for him to pick up his Axes Spinning AxeQ and dish out damage.

Try to kill Draven whenever his stacks of Adoration is high. It will deny him from getting a huge influx of gold after gaining a kill.

Draven Power Spikes

Draven Power Spikes

Draven is an early game monster with his Spinning AxeQ and can snowball easily if he gets an early kill thanks to his Passive.

On Draven’s first back, he will usually get an expensive AD item. If you do not buy the exact same item as him, he will always come out ahead of trades. Take note of his first item and be prepared to play safer.

At level 6, Draven will look to go for kills if he hasn’t got any already with the help from his Ultimate Whirling DeathR. Respect his all-in potential and play safer when you’re low.

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