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general guide on how to counter Anivia

Anivia Laning Against

Anivia Laning Against

Anivia has a weak laning phase and often has trouble farming and trading. If she uses any abilities on the minion wave to last hit with, make sure you abuse the cooldowns.

Don’t forget about Anivia’s Passive. It has a long cooldown, so once it’s been popped, make sure you try to kill her while she is most vulnerable. Call for assistance and ask for ganks while it’s down.

Try and hold off from using any dashes that can help you dodge skill shots. Anivia’s Flash FrostQ and CrystallizeW can be deadly if you have no tools to get away from them. Make sure your dash is always up so you can dodge her Flash FrostQ.

Anivia Strategy VS

Anivia Strategy VS

Anivia is a very mana-hungry champion and will need blue buff as often as possible. While she is low on mana, use this as an opportunity to deny her farm.

When you’re roaming around the map, make sure you keep an eye on the minion wave in mid. Anivia can push the wave very fast and you’ll lose a lot of Tower health if you’re gone for too long. Try and roam while she is in base so she can’t take your Tower.

CC is your best friend against Anivia as she is squishy and immobile. But she does have tools to defend herself like her Flash FrostQ and CrystallizeW. To make locking her down easier, try to flank her rather than running directly at her to make it harder for her to escape.

Anivia Power Spikes

Anivia Power Spikes

Anivia needs to invest in mana early so she can farm easily. You can benefit from this by using your early advantage to win trades and gain a health lead.

Whenever Anivia has her Passive up, her ability to survive all-ins is much higher. Try to look for frequent trades while her Egg is down, and call for assistance when needed.

Anivia comes online when she has unlocked her Ultimate Glacial StormR as it allows her to farm much more effectively. She will have much more lane presence once her Ultimate Glacial StormR is unlocked and she will start to look for trades.

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