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general guide on how to counter Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger Laning Against

Heimerdinger Laning Against

Trading against Heimerdinger can be extremely tedious, yet it can be done. Taking down his Turrets H-28 G Evolution TurretQ will be the main focus in order to poke or trade with him.

When using your skills shots (if they’re AOE), try and aim them so they hit both Heimerdinger and his Turrets H-28 G Evolution TurretQ. This will make it easier for you to clear them down the line and increase your kill pressure in lane.

Once Heimerdinger reaches level 6, his kill pressure and strength increase dramatically. Keep this in mind and beware of his empowered abilities.

Heimerdinger Strategy VS

Heimerdinger Strategy VS

Try to team fight in the open so he is unable to use his empowered CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE to stun your whole team. Do not fight inside the jungle as the size of his CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE is roughly the same as the jungle.

Once Heimerdinger hits level 6, he technically unlocks 3 new abilities. Be careful when trying to initiate a skirmish with him as he might just pull out his magic card and kill you.

Just like during the laning phase, you’ll want to destroy Heimerdingers Turrets H-28 G Evolution TurretQ as quickly as you can before a team fight is underway so he is unable to dish out tons of damage.

Heimerdinger Power Spikes

Heimerdinger Power Spikes

Heimerdinger is good at level 1 if he has 3 Turrets Q down. Whenever he has 3 Towers H-28 G Evolution TurretQ up, he is always going to be a threat.

At level 6, when Heimerdinger unlocks his Ultimate UPGRADE!!!R, he basically gets 3 new abilities. Take care when trying to fight him as he might just use any one of his abilities to trade with you.

Level 3, 6, 11, & 16 are Heimerdinger’s major level spikes. Take care when he reaches those spikes as he may look to all-in you.

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