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25% AP

75% AD

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Mid Mid  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Yone

Yone Laning Against

Yone Laning Against

Yone is incredibly mobile in lane, but if he uses his Soul UnboundE, you can abuse the cooldown (after he’s returned) to play aggressive and poke him down. This will make it harder for him to survive a trade or trade back with you.

Avoid chasing too far when Yone uses his Soul UnboundE as he will always return to his original spot.

When playing as a ranged champion, try to use your range advantage to harass and poke him down. Try and stay far back though so he is unable to get onto you very easily.

Yone Strategy VS

Yone Strategy VS

In team fights, try to stay away from one another so it’s harder for Yone to get a good Ultimate Fate SealedR off.

Avoid fighting in areas around the map that are enclosed like in the jungle or around the Baron/ Dragon as it will allow Yone to get a good Ultimate Fate SealedR off.

Just like the laning phase, avoid chasing Yone down if he runs away as he will just use his Soul UnboundE to juke you.

Yone Power Spikes

Yone Power Spikes

Yone is better at trading once he unlocks his Ultimate Fate SealedR as it offers him tons of kill pressure.

Once Yone gets 100% critical strike chance, he will dish out lots of damage. Remember that his Passive gives him double crit chance.

Yone is very good in team fights if he is able to get a good Ultimate Fate SealedR off. Remember to stay apart when possible.

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