Yone·Mid Guide

Power Spike

Way of the HunterP
Mortal SteelQ
Spirit CleaveW
Soul UnboundE
Fate SealedR
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Win rate49.6%-
Pick rate5.0%-
Ban rate4.9%-
Matches193 312-
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Yone Strengths & Weaknesses

Has a lot of utility and damage in his kit which allows him to play around his team quite often. All he needs to do is get out of his laning phase without giving the enemy a huge lead.

His Soul UnboundE grants him a lot of outplay potential if used properly. Against unsuspecting enemies, this skill can be really deadly, and can help him secure kills quite easily.

Can flank the enemy team with relative ease and can get out of sticky situations with his Soul UnboundE. This can send the enemy team into full-on panic mode and can allow your team to follow up with ease.


He doesn’t do well early on against ranged matchups as he can be poked quite easily from range. Regular poking will eventually get him killed if he stays in the lane.

He can outplay himself with his Soul UnboundE if he goes in and mistimes the Soul UnboundE duration. Crowd control is his mortal enemy, and he can be taken out quite easily due to his squishiness.

His Ultimate Fate SealedR doesn’t have a lot of width, which makes it really easy for the enemies to dodge it from range. This will require Yone to get close to the enemy team, which can put him in a vulnerable position.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Yone is Average

After your bot lane has rotated to the mid lane, move to the side lane and start farming and gaining XP there. You can look to 1v1 any enemy who tries to stop you.

Look for frequent trades with the enemy throughout the laning phase. Getting an early kill could snowball the lane heavily in your favour.

Once you’re level 6, look to play more aggressive. Your Ultimate Fate SealedR is a great skirmishing tool and you can get kills with it.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Yone is Average

Flank in team fights to make getting on the enemy backline easily. Make sure you’re near your team at all times so you can get in the fight fast.

After your bot lane has moved to the mid lane, rotate to the bot side of the map or somewhere else on the map so you can continue to farm and gain XP.

As you’re good at getting picks and killing isolated targets, try to ambush and assassinate enemies who are alone or walking around Summoners Rift alone. After killing someone, make the call for a nearby objective.

Late game
25+ min
Yone is Average

In the late game, look for picks on immobile or miss positioned enemies. Taking someone down in the late game can give you enough time to force a fight, siege an objective or take the Baron or Elder Dragon.

If the enemy is grouping, look to group with your team too. In team fights, continue to focus the squishiest and easiest to kill high priority targets in the backline.

Flank in team fights to make getting on the enemy backline easily. Make sure you’re near your team at all times so you can get in the fight fast.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

At level 6, Yone will unlock his Ultimate Fate SealedR, which will allow him to set up plays with ease for both his Jungler and his team during any stage of the game.

Yone will get brief power spikes as he keeps adding points to his Mortal SteelQ. This will allow him to go for short burst trades against his laner so that he may all-in them later on.

The first item component will bring significant improvements to Yone's trading in the lane. Depending on which component he gets, the effects will vary, but it will be good for him regardless.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Yone will get two points into his Ultimate Fate SealedR at level 11, which will be a massive power spike for him. This is mainly because he can easily pick off enemies during this game phase, especially from the fog of war.

At level 9, Yone will have his first ability maxed out. This means that his trades will improve significantly, and he will quickly snowball the game if he manages to get some kills early on.

Yone is really good during team fights as he can pick multiple targets off with his Ultimate Fate SealedR. This will make it very important for the enemy to keep an eye on him, else he can easily Ultimate Fate SealedR multiple people from the fog of war.

Late game25+ min

Once he gets to level 16, he will use his Ultimate Fate SealedR way more frequently. This means he can pick off enemies easily, as well as CC multiple enemies during team fights.

Yone will have all his items completed by this time. This means that he will hit like a truck, and anyone who gets caught out by him will probably end up dying.

Yone is superb during the late game as his items will be completed, and he will have reached his most powerful powerspike. If the enemy team happens to be CC-heavy, he should get some defensive item to preserve his power.

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