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Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

25% AP

75% AD

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Nocturne Strengths & Weaknesses

Nocturne is a great assassin who can spring out on anyone who walks alone around the map. This makes his pick potential incredibly high.

Has a fast and healthy clear. This makes him a Jungler who can hold their own and farm up a storm and get their item and level power spikes relatively fast.

Nocturne is easy to learn and doesn't take hundreds of games to learn like some champions in the game.


He is really difficult to play when the enemy team is grouping together. Nocturne wants enemies to split up so he can use his Ultimate ParanoiaR to pick them off.

Cannot really gank until level 6 as he generally uses the element of surprise to make his ganks more successful.

Nocturne is super squishy and gets blown up in team fights quickly even with his Shroud of DarknessW. This makes it difficult for him to fight unless he’s ahead.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Nocturne is Average

Your goal in the early game is to gain as much gold and XP as quickly as you can. Focus on farming rather than ganking or fighting.

Look to secure objectives as often as possible. This will give your team an advantage as the game goes along.

Your Ultimate ParanoiaR is an incredibly strong tool. Whenever it is up, try to use it to help your allies and get kills.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Nocturne is Strong

When no team fights are occurring, go to a side lane and push. It’s important that you continue to farm during the mid-game so you can get your items as quickly as possible. Do not just stay mid if you can’t get anything done.

As you’re good at getting picks and killing isolated targets, try to ambush and assassinate enemies who are alone or walking around Summoners Rift alone. After killing someone, make the call for a nearby objective.

Once you’ve got a pick with your Ultimate ParanoiaR, make the call for Baron or Drake. You need to exploit that the enemy is missing a key player.

Late game
25+ min
Nocturne is Weak

After going in with your Ultimate ParanoiaR, be prepared to fall back and peel for your allies in late game team fights.

To make getting on the enemy backline easier, group with your team but stay off to the side. If you flank from an unwarded bush, the enemy will find it harder to react to your all-in. Avoid splitting or being away from your team in the late game as the enemy will force a fight while you’re gone.

Play around your Ultimate ParanoiaR in the later parts of the game. Avoid fighting unless your Ultimate ParanoiaR is up. Fighting with out it will make the late game team fights much harder. Delay fights and be prepared to disengage if it’s still on cooldown.

Jungle pathing

Blue side

Red side

Early Game
Early Game
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Getting his DuskbringerQ should help him with is Jungle clear early on. Landing it on an enemy will also allow him to catch up to that enemy quickly.

Once he manages to unlock his Unspeakable HorrorE, he will be able to gank freely and be a bit less scared about CC abilities. Even then, he should power farm till he gets his Ultimate ParanoiaR.

As Nocturne gets his Ultimate ParanoiaR, he should be able to completely take over the map and target overextended enemies with ease. The complete obscurity also acts to ward off enemies (faking an all-in, that is).

Mid game15 - 25 min

Getting his core items should help him increase his burst damage quite significantly. His DuskbringerQ combined with his Unspeakable HorrorE should allow him to decimate enemies completely.

His Shroud of DarknessW active should come in very handy during this point of the game, mostly when he uses his Ultimate ParanoiaR to all-in an enemy.

Nocturne's Unspeakable HorrorE attack speed buff, combined with his DuskbringerQ should help him take objectives quickly. He should try to use his Ultimate ParanoiaR to scare off/kill enemies and then take the objective.

Late game25+ min

During this phase of the game, Nocturne's Ultimate ParanoiaR should have a very low cooldown. He should be prioritizing the enemy carry and fearing them with his Unspeakable HorrorE when he can.

Nocturne should be able to use his Ultimate ParanoiaR to zone enemies out of fear. He doesn't need to go ham and all-in every time.

Before going in, Nocturne should use the ping system to tell his teammates that he is about to all-in. Otherwise, he may not get a proper follow-up, and he will throw his entire existence and power.

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