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Jungle Jungle  Patch 11.9

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general guide on how to counter Viego

Viego Laning Against

Viego Laning Against

When skirmishing with Viego, try to make sure there is a minion, monster or crab in between you and him so it blocks the CC on his Spectral MawW.

Viego has good objective control. Try to keep major objectives warded so you can spot him before he is able to secure the objective for his team.

If you counter gank Viego, keep an eye out on him stealing your allies abilities and turning the exchange around. Be prepared to fall back if he kills and takes over your ally.

Viego Strategy VS

Viego Strategy VS

In team fights, as soon as Viego runs in, try to CC him and burst him down first. He is pretty vulnerable to CC and if you can kill him before he gets his combo off, the enemy will lose out on a lot of damage.

Keep track of who he can change into at the start and during a fight. Try to play accordingly to all of his potential new abilities.

Do not group too closely in team fights if he has stolen a strong champion’s abilities.

Viego Power Spikes

Viego Power Spikes

Viego has great duelling potential once he completes Blade of the Ruined King. Once he has this item, his kill pressure will increase.

After Viego has completed Blade of the Ruined King and Trinity Force, his trading power will increase. At this stage he will be really strong in team fights.

Viego’s kill pressure increases once he unlocks his HeartbreakerR.

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