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Jungle Jungle  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Kindred

Kindred Laning Against

Kindred Laning Against

Kindred will be trying to get as many stacks as possible. If you’re on the same side of the map when one spawns, take a detour to kill the camp so she is unable to get the stack.

As she is a ranged champion, you need to be careful when trying to duel her as she can use her range advantage and Dance of ArrowsQ to kite you. Unless you get the jump on her, think twice when attempting to duel her.

Kindred has the ability to solo objectives with ease. Unless you can take them first, make sure you keep the Dragon warded at all times so you can spot her before she secures the objective.

Kindred Strategy VS

Kindred Strategy VS

In team fights, be prepared to switch targets as soon as Kindred has used her Ultimate Lamb's RespiteR.

Kindred can take down targets who are wandering Summoners Rift alone. Do not walk around the map alone unless you know where Kindred is.

Try and kill monsters/camps that are marked so Kindred is unable to get the stacks. Securing these throughout the game is important and will stop her from taking over the game.

Kindred Power Spikes

Kindred Power Spikes

Once Kindred hits level 6, she will be much stronger as she can use her Ultimate Lamb's RespiteR to go for more unorthodox ganks.

As the game goes along, Kindred will become stronger and stronger with the more stacks she gets. Try to secure them whenever possible to slow down the snowball effect.

After Kindred has completed her jungling item, she will be a much stronger duellist and really good at kiting. Keep this in mind and think twice when fighting her.

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