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95% AD

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general guide on how to counter Kalista

Kalista Laning Against

Kalista Laning Against

Extended trades work in the Kalista’s favour. Try to keep trades short and sweet so she cannot deal tons of damage with her RendE.

Kalista is a very strong early game champion. Try to harass and poke her down so she is unable to play aggressive and snowball.

Post level 6, be careful about focusing the enemy Support in a trade as Kalista can save them with her Ultimate Fate's CallR. Keep this in mind and try to focus the Kalista instead.

Kalista Strategy VS

Kalista Strategy VS

Kalista is vulnerable to slows and CC. Try to lock her down at the beginning of the fight so she is unable to dish out lots of damage.

Kalista may stay in a side lane to split push. When she is not with her team, you can force a team fight or take an objective.

If you don’t know where Kalista and her Jungler are, they might be trying to sneak the Baron or Dragon. Make sure you have it warded at all times as she can take it quite easily thanks to her RendE.

Kalista Power Spikes

Kalista Power Spikes

Extended trades will always favour Kalista thanks to her RendE. Try and avoid going for extending trades with her.

Kalista’s first power spike is when she picks up her Berserker's Greaves as it will give her the first bit of attack speed she needs to snowball.

Once Kalista has completed Runaan’s Hurricane, she will pump out a lot more damage and apply Rend RendE stacks really quickly.

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