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10% AP

90% AD

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general guide on how to counter Ashe

Ashe Laning Against

Ashe Laning Against

Once Ashe has her Ultimate Enchanted Crystal ArrowR, do not overextend as she can easily set up her Jungler with it. Keep the lane warded at all times as that is the only time when it will be safe for you to overextend post 6.

Ashe doesn’t have any escape abilities or built-in sustain. Use this to your advantage by poking her down frequently and then looking for the all-in when she is low.

To prevent Ashe from getting extra damage down on you in the early game, stand behind the minion wave at all times so they block her Volley VolleyW damage for you.

Ashe Strategy VS

Ashe Strategy VS

Ashe is really immobile and squishy. Try to catch her out of position at the start of the team fight so the enemy lacks consistent damage.

Keep a constant eye on your champion's movements in the mid and late game as Ashe will usually throw out her Ultimate Enchanted Crystal ArrowR “recklessly” in attempts to start the fight. Dodge it and then capitalise on the cooldown.

Be prepared to back away from an objective if Ashe uses her HawkshotE to scout vision. If your team is spotted, the enemy will try to contest the objective which may lead to your team throwing the game.

Ashe Power Spikes

Ashe Power Spikes

Ashe is much stronger in long skirmishes because it allows her to activate her Ranger's FocusQ in the trade. Do not go for extended trades with Ashe unless you can kill her.

Once Ashe has her Ultimate Enchanted Crystal ArrowR up, her ability to get kills increases. You have to respect her level 6 and respect her all-in whenever her Ultimate Enchanted Crystal ArrowR is up.

Ashe is very reliant on her Ultimate Enchanted Crystal ArrowR as it can be used in a variety of ways. Try to abuse her when her Ultimate Enchanted Crystal ArrowR is on cooldown as she is incredibly vulnerable while it’s on cooldown.

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