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10% AP

90% AD

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general guide on how to counter Jhin

Jhin Laning Against

Jhin Laning Against

Look to strike right after Jhin uses his 4th shot as he will not be able to retaliate with autos until he reloads.

Try to push the wave in as Jhin has a harder time farming under Turret. However, make sure your Support is someone who can play at the enemies Tower. Do not push if your Support needs to engage.

When paired with an aggressive Support who has CC, beware of Jhin’s Deadly FlourishW which he will tend to use after the Support has engaged to layer CC.

Jhin Strategy VS

Jhin Strategy VS

Be careful of when Jhin is running at you with his 4th shot during team fights. In the mid to late game, this auto can deal a lot of damage.

Wait for Jhin’s team to engage or when he is isolated to try and pick him off. He doesn’t have an escape or a dash, and he is very squishy too so he should be pretty easy to kill.

If Jhin uses his Ultimate Curtain CallR in a team fight, he is unable to reposition quickly. If you’re on the flank, try to take him down while he’s focusing on his shots.

Jhin Power Spikes

Jhin Power Spikes

Jhin scales decently into the mid and late game. Try to take advantage of his lack of mobility and weaker combo in the early game to shut him down.

Take note of who his Support is. If he has an engage Support, his level 2 will be very strong as he can use his Deadly FlourishW to CC chain you with the help of his Support.

When Jhin gets 100% crit damage, his trading power will increase dramatically. Always keep an eye on what items he currently has and avoid fighting him alone if his items are better than yours.

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