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Power Spike

Mark of the KindredP
Dance of ArrowsQ
Wolf's FrenzyW
Mounting DreadE
Lamb's RespiteR
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Win rate50.5%-
Pick rate4.4%-
Ban rate7.1%-
Matches176 237-
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Kindred Strengths & Weaknesses

Her kiting potential makes her quite a safe pick against melee champions who don’t have a dash or have a very telegraphed form of a dash. The Dance of ArrowsQ combined with her Wolf's FrenzyW just allows her to hop around and pelt her enemies endlessly.

Once she gets a few Passive marks, she can quite easily take over the game due to the increased range and how much bonus damage she can dish out. She can solo the Dragon with ease and can use her Dance of ArrowsQ to hop over walls and take creative ganking routes.

Her Ultimate Lamb's RespiteR can save her team and herself from assassination attempts. The usage will vary depending on how far ahead Kindred is in the game. This ability can also stall out an objective for quite some time, which can allow Kindred to win a Smite battle by forcing the enemy to Smite at the wrong time.


If she gets CC’d, she dies. Mobility is Kindred’s main suit, and taking that away from her will make the enemy team’s job of killing her way easier.

Her skirmishing potential depends on her Wolf's FrenzyW availability. Without this, she won’t be able to use her Dance of ArrowsQ consistently, which forms the mainstay of her entire skirmishing power.

Her Ultimate Lamb's RespiteR, if improperly used, can quite easily lose her team an entire fight. It can even cost them an objective, especially if Kindred has not been able to get multiple marks and is behind on levels.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Kindred is Average

Try to get as many marks in the early game as possible. Picking them up as often as possible will make you stronger in the later parts of the game.

Focus on securing objectives. As you’re the Jungler after all, make sure you try to take them as often as possible. Your champion is very good at taking them alone.

While you’re a strong fighter and good in the early game, you need to ensure you put time away to focus on farming and gaining gold and XP. Secure your camps as often as possible.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Kindred is Average

As you’re good at getting picks and killing isolated targets, try to ambush and assassinate enemies who are alone or walking around Summoners Rift alone. After killing someone, make the call for a nearby objective.

Try to secure the Baron or Dragon whenever possible. Securing objectives is key as a Jungler during the mid-game.

Continue to farm your jungle as well as gank and help your allies. It’s important that you do not fall behind in gold and XP by just ganking.

Late game
25+ min
Kindred is Strong

Avoid team fighting in the late game unless your Ultimate Lamb's RespiteR is up. Fighting when it is on cooldown is a big-no-no and can cost you the game.

When ahead, look for picks by waiting in high traffic areas for an enemy to walk by. If you’re able to take down the enemy Mid, ADC or Support, you can use their death timer to end the game or take a major objective.

Avoid dying and remain on the same side of the map as the next major objective. Do not show on the bottom side of the map if Baron is about to come up.

Jungle pathing
Early Game
Early Game
How to Play Kindred
How to Play Kindred
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Kindred is a really good early game ganker once she gets her Mounting DreadE. That, combined with her Dance of ArrowsQ provides her with enough mobility to easily gank her targets.

Early stacks are vital for a Kindred to succeed in the game. She will require some help from her team to get the marks, else she may end up dying and be set back massively.

The first item component will significantly enhance her dueling power. It will help her overall, especially when trying to contest for marks.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Multiple stacks will allow Kindred to simply take over the game. Her damage output will be massive, and she will melt through tanks and squishies alike.

Her first ability will be maxed out at level 9. It will increase the overall damage and will let her be quite mobile during fights.

Another point in her Ultimate Lamb's RespiteR will increase the frequency with which Kindred can use the ability. This helps in neutral, objective fights as it can bait the enemy Jungler to waste their Smite.

Late game25+ min

If Kindred has more than 8 stacks at this point, she will just crush everyone and proceed to destroy the Nexus soon. She will just need to keep an eye out for her positioning.

At level 16, her Ultimate Lamb's RespiteR will be maxed out. This means that she can use it more frequently, allowing her to turn the tide of significant team fights and objective fights.

Kindred will have multiple items now, which allows her to deal a lot of damage. Combined with the number of marks she has, this damage will be the victory deciding factor in the game.

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