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70% AP

30% AD

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Jungle Jungle  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Ivern

Ivern Laning Against

Ivern Laning Against

Prevent Ivern from getting 3 buffs from the get-go by warding both of the river bushes at 1:25. This should give you enough time to vertical jungle.

Ivern is rather weak in the early game. If you’re playing a strong early game champion, try and invade him to set him behind.

Ivern has good Dragon control thanks to Daisy Daisy!R, but he can also do it after ganking bot. Make sure you keep vision on the Dragon at all times to spot him while he’s on it.

Ivern Strategy VS

Ivern Strategy VS

As Ivern will be building utility items to help his team, looking for picks before a team fight occurs will severely reduce Ivern’s team fight potential.

Ivern will use his Bushes BrushmakerW to scout vision for his team. If a bush has been placed nearby- put two and two together and expect that Ivern is in the vicinity.

Try and lock Ivern down with CC as quickly as you can. He is pretty immobile and focusing him first will prevent him from being able to heal and shield his allies with his BrushmakerW.

Ivern Power Spikes

Ivern Power Spikes

While not strictly a power spike, if Ivern has the opportunity to steal your level 1 buff, you will fall behind early. Prevent this by placing wards in the river at 1:25.

Once Ivern hits level 6, he will unlock Daisy Daisy!R. This increases his gank ability and potency on the map. Try to delay his power spike by stealing away his camps and counter ganking when necessary.

Ivern usually hits his power spikes between 11 mins and 20 mins when he hits his 2 item power spike (Redemption and Ardent). Always take his Redemption in consideration when trying to kill the enemy.

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