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70% AP

30% AD

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Support Support  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Taric

Taric Laning Against

Taric Laning Against

Avoid putting yourself in choke points to make it harder for Taric to land his DazzleE. Stand towards the middle of the lane and away from the walls to give you more room to maneuver and dodge the spell.

If Taric activates his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR during a skirmish, you have two options to take. You can either try to blow him up and kill him or his ADC before they get the protection, or you can disengage and wait for it to disappear before fighting again.

Look to harass and poke Taric down as much as you can during the early game. His abilities have high mana costs and he will be unable to spam his Starlight's TouchQ if you fight often.

Taric Strategy VS

Taric Strategy VS

Disengage as soon as Taric has activated his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR so the enemy takes damage. If a target is low though, try to burst them down quickly before the Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR comes into effect.

Taric has surprisingly good engage and catch potential with his DazzleE. Watch his positioning at all times so it’s really difficult for him to catch someone out.

Invest in an Executioner’s Calling to reduce the healing of Taric in team fights.

Taric Power Spikes

Taric Power Spikes

At level 6, Taric has lots of added protection thanks to his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR. At this time, killing him or the enemy ADC will be difficult. Once he activates his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR, you may need to disengage from the fight unless you can kill the enemy.

Taric is really good in mid and late game team fights as his team will be grouped closely together which allows him to get a good Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR off.

Depending on his ADC, Taric can be really good at levels 1-3. If his ADC isn’t very strong, then his early game isn’t too good. However, when he’s paired with an early game dominant ADC, you’ll need to watch your positioning so he cannot land an early DazzleE.

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