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Taric · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

75% AP

25% AD

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Taric Strengths & Weaknesses

His Starlight's TouchQ can allow him to heal massive amounts of damage later in the game. This when combined with his Passive, can let him heal as much during the early skirmishes.

The Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR can completely change the course of a fight due to it making everyone vulnerable. This is very effective on hyper carries, or when against a champion who has a timed ultimate (Master Yi for example).

His BastionW provides his carry with bonus resistances which can be really beneficial in the long run due to carries generally not buying defensive items, especially in lower elos.


His DazzleE is very telegraphed and can be dodged without a sweat. This makes it very hard for him to be an initiator of fights without his Flash.

His Starlight's TouchQ costs a lot of mana and will make him run out of mana if he is against a poke comp. This will force him to give up lane priority during the early game, which can sometimes mean an instant loss.

He focuses on enabling people with his Starlight's TouchQ, BastionW, and Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR. If everyone on his team is doing bad, there is nothing much that he can actually do to save the game.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Taric is Average

Focus on playing safe and keeping your ADC alive for as long as possible in lane. Your early game is weak and you need time to come online.

As you’re a melee Support, watch your positioning at all times so you do not get harassed by the enemy Support if they’re ranged.

Look for counter-engage plays as your champion is way stronger at doing so compared to looking for aggressive picks.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Taric is Average

As a Support, you’re quite vulnerable and can easily be killed when going to ward, when you’re moving around the map, and when you’re alone. To reduce the chances of dying and getting caught out of position, try and stick with your team at all times.

Keep a constant eye on what major objective is spawning next. If it’s spawning soon, make sure you place vision around the objective as quickly and as safely as possible before retreating to safety. Having vision around major objectives is key.

Look for picks during the mid-game. If you can pick someone off with the help from your allies, you can abuse their death timer to earn more gold and possibly take a tower, an objective or get more kills.

Late game
25+ min
Taric is Strong

Ward major objectives and place vision in high traffic areas in the late stages of the game. Keep them warded so you can see the enemy move around the map and see them starting the objective.

Stay with your team at all times. Avoid moving around the map alone so you do not get caught out. Getting caught out will result in your team having to play 4v5. Do not ward alone unless you know where the enemy is.

Peel for your allies as much as possible. Keeping them alive for as long as possible in team fights is a must in order to win the game.

Power Spikes
Early game

Getting his DazzleE should allow Taric to make plays in the lane. His DazzleE Flash combo is pretty strong as well.

Taric's BastionW should help him buff an ADC and allow Taric to use his ADC as a conduit for his DazzleE as well.

Getting his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR is a massive power spike for Taric and his team. This is especially true if Taric's team has a hyper carry.

Mid game

His Cosmic RadianceR should help him sustain the lot of his team. It is a powerful spell when combined with his Passive.

The more items Taric gets, the more will be the Starlight's TouchQ heal. This will let him sustain his team through the thick and thin.

Hitting level eleven is another major buff. This is because his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR will now have a reduced cooldown.

Late game

During this phase of the game, Taric's Starlight's TouchQ heal will be powerful. He can do a lot if he builds the proper items.

His Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR will be the strongest at this point due to the frequency at which he can use it. The cooldown will be extremely low, and hence he can take more team fights.

Taric excels at fighting in tight areas. He can use his DazzleE Flash combo to CC multiple targets with ease.

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