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Braum · Counters




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

75% AP

25% AD

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Support Support  Patch 11.12

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general guide on how to counter Braum

Braum Laning Against

Braum Laning Against

During the laning phase, Braum will look to be a meat shield for his ally by using Stand Behind Me Stand Behind MeW and Unbreakable UnbreakableE to nullify your damage. Try to go for a short trade first to bait it out and then commit to a trade while it’s on cooldown.

Ensure there is always 1 minion between you and Braum at all times. This will make it impossible for him to land his Winter's BiteQ and potentially stun you.

Whenever you’re looking to poke or harass Braum, make sure you’re not close to his minions so he cannot Stand Behind MeW to them and jump on you and turn the exchange around.

Braum Strategy VS

Braum Strategy VS

Braum doesn’t have the best of sustain in the early game. Try to harass and poke him down whenever he tries to last hit minions. If you can keep him low, he’ll never be able to engage.

In team fights, avoid standing too close together as it will allow him to knock multiple champions up with his Ultimate Glacial FissureR. Group but do not stand super close together.

The longer the game goes the tankier Braum gets and the stronger his ADC gets too. Try and set him behind in the early game to make it harder for him to peel for his ADC as the game goes along.

Braum Power Spikes

Braum Power Spikes

Once Braum hits level 6 and unlocks his Ultimate Glacial FissureR, his kill threat increases dramatically. Keep this in mind and be cautious when trying to harass him.

Whenever Braum’s UnbreakableE is up, trading with him will be much harder. Try and commit to trades while it’s down. If he uses it in a trade, wait for it to end before continuing to fight.

Braum is very good in team fights thanks to his peel and utility. Try and avoid straight 5v5s and instead look for catches or fights where you outnumber the enemy.



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