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Tahm Kench · Counters




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

75% AP

25% AD

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Tahm Kench matchups

Top  Patch 11.7

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general guide on how to counter Tahm Kench


Tahm Kench Laning Against

Ensure you’re always behind a minion so it is harder for him to land his Tongue LashQ. If he is able to land his Tongue LashQ, he may look for a fight.

As soon as Tahm Kench activates his Grey Health Thick SkinE, disengage from the fight as it will offer him protection and you may be unable to kill him through the bonus health.

Tahm Kench doesn’t spike at level 6 like most champions. If you have a damaging Ultimate Abyssal VoyageR, you will win the level 6 fight.


Tahm Kench Strategy VS

Lookout for flanks as Tahm Kench will often flank in a team fight to get onto the enemy backline. Ward the side and retreat if he walks forward and tries to Tongue LashQ anybody.

Avoid overextending alone in the mid lane without your team as he may use his Ultimate Abyssal VoyageR aggressively and get behind you to catch you out of position.

Try to burst Tahm Kench down before he is able to activate his Thick SkinE. CC is your best friend and he will not be able to activate it if he is locked down with CC.


Tahm Kench Power Spikes

Tahm will have increased trading power once he has completed components for his first item. Expect him to play slightly more aggressive once he has got them.

At level 6, Tahm Kench doesn’t get a good Ultimate Abyssal VoyageR. If you’re strong at level 6, you can easily win a fight.

Tahm Kench will be really good in team fights as his DevourW can save an ally. Avoid committing to a fight unless his DevourW is on cooldown.

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