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Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

100% AP

0% AD

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Aurelion Sol matchups

Mid Mid  Patch 11.12

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general guide on how to counter Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol Laning Against

Aurelion Sol Laning Against

Aurelion is quite vulnerable to ganks since he has to push the wave. But, he can use his Comet of LegendE to escape one. Make sure you do not waste your gap closer if he has his Comet of LegendE or Ultimate Voice of LightR available so you can catch up to him if he tries to escape.

When Aurelion Sol pushes and roams, make sure you ping as soon as he goes missing. Try to push the wave back and start taking Tower plates if you’re unable to match his roam.

Try and abuse Aurelion Sol’s StarsurgeQ cooldown. Once it’s down, he is very vulnerable. Look for favourable trades whenever he misses it.

Aurelion Sol Strategy VS

Aurelion Sol Strategy VS

Aurelion can use his StarsurgeQ Voice of LightR combo to turn team fights instantly. Be sure not to stand in a cluster when looking to team fight. This is especially true when chasing, sieging or fighting inside the jungle.

Wards and good communication is key against Aurelion Sol. Make sure you have the river warded at all times, and ping if he goes missing. Don’t be afraid to write in chat that he is missing too.

CC is your best friend against Aurelion Sol. If you can lock him down with CC, it will be difficult for him to adjust his positioning for his Stars Celestial ExpansionW. Additionally, as he has a poke champion, locking him down with CC as quickly as you can make it harder for him to dish out damage in the team fight.

Aurelion Sol Power Spikes

Aurelion Sol Power Spikes

Don’t all in Aurelion at level 1 when he has Corrupting Potions. He is going to heal up a lot and deal surprising damage when trading back with you.

While not always practical, once Aurelion hits level 3 he will unlock his main roaming ability Comet of LegendE. Ping as soon as he goes missing as it is not unheard of Aurelion roaming to bot lane at level 3.

When Aurelion hits level 6, he will try and make good use of his Ultimate Voice of LightR. If he cannot kill you in lane, he’ll make sure to use it elsewhere. Once his Ultimate Voice of LightR is up and he’s gone, communicate with your team.

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