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Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


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100% AP

0% AD

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Lissandra matchups

Mid  Patch 11.8

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general guide on how to counter Lissandra


Lissandra Laning Against

Lissandra will be using her Ice ShardQ and Glacial PathE to push the wave. Stand outside of the minion wave so she is forced to choose between pushing with her Ice ShardQ or trying to poke you instead.

When Lissandra is level 6, you’ll need to play a bit safer as she has increased kill pressure and can set up her Jungler very easily. Make sure you have enough vision around your lane to spot the enemy Jungler before they show up and gank you.

When playing as a melee champion, try and stay at max range at all times so it’s harder for Lissandra to CC you with her Ring of FrostW. Be careful when walking forward to last hit, and play respectfully if she is zoning you so you don’t take tons of damage.


Lissandra Strategy VS

Avoid grouping too close together otherwise, Lissandra will be able to engage with her Glacial PathE and land a multi-person Ring of FrostW. If you can, try to split up slightly so she can only hit 1 or 2 champions at the most.

Play around Lissandra’s Ultimate Frozen TombR cooldown. Once it’s on cooldown, she is rather vulnerable and cannot team fight properly. You can use this to your advantage to force team fights when you know it’s hard for her to fight.

Lissandra has tons of wave clear, so sieging objectives in the mid and late game is going to be tricky. Keep this in mind and try to take her down or poke her out of lane so she cannot defend her Turrets.


Lissandra Power Spikes

Lissandra is very good at level 6 as her Ultimate Frozen TombR increases her kill pressure. She can also set up her Jungler easily with her Ultimate Frozen TombR.

Lissandra reaches her true potential when team fighting as her Ultimate Frozen TombR and Ring of FrostW are both AOE. Her Passive can also reak havoc in a team fight.

Once Lissandra has completed her first item, her wave clear will be very strong. You need to make sure you match her damage and push the wave back to prevent her from roaming.



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