Jarvan IV·Runes for Jungle

Power Spike

Martial CadenceP
Dragon StrikeQ
Golden AegisW
Demacian StandardE
Get everything you need for Jarvan IV Jungle build! The highest win rate Jarvan IV runes, items, skill order and summoner spells in patch 13.6.
Win rate52.9%
Pick rate14.6%
Ban rate22.5%
Matches193 179-
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Jarvan IV Runes

Jungle Jungle  Patch 13.6

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Jarvan IV tips and tricks

Jarvan is an early game dominant Jungler. Look to gank as frequently as possible to get yourself and your laners ahead. You can gank at level 2 once you’ve unlocked your Dragon StrikeQ and Demacian StandardE if the enemy laners are weak and your laner has a strong level 1.

Use alternative ganking routes to gank your allies. You can utilise the Blast Cone to dodge commonly placed wards or the Scuttle Crab.

Jarvan has incredibly strong Dragon and Rift Herald taking potential. Try to take them whenever they’re up to get a lead. To do so, get priority in a nearby lane and then take the objective, but make sure it’s not warded.

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