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Power Spike

Pillar of FlameW
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Brand Strengths & Weaknesses

Brand has lots of poke with his Pillar of FlameW with the added benefit of it being long-ranged too. This allows him to poke the enemy down from afar and get them low.

His Ultimate PyroclasmR is really good in team fights- especially if the enemy are grouped together. He can make his Ultimate PyroclasmR bounce between enemies and deal a lot of damage.

Brand is able to complete his warding quest incredibly quickly as he can constantly harass the enemy from afar.


Brand is an incredibly immobile champion. This makes him more of a target for ganks and CC. Brand is also one of the champions who dies the most in the game!

As Brand is a poke mage, he relies heavily on mana and can run low pretty quickly and he’ll be unable to use his Pillar of FlameW aggressive if he’s out of mana. You need to always keep an eye on your mana pool at all times.

In addition to being pretty immobile, Brand is also quite squishy. It’s really important that you do not let the enemy poke you down or land poke as you’ll have to play passively. You will also need to play much safer when your Flash is down.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Brand is Strong

Use your early game strength to poke and harass the enemy with your Pillar of FlameW as often as you can.

Post level 3, you’ll be able to use your basic combo to chunk the enemy down. When trading keep an eye on your mana bar though as you’ll be vulnerable when you’re out of mana.

At level 6 your kill pressure increases dramatically. Try to play aggressive and look for kills. Make sure the enemy is infected with Blaze so it deals more damage.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Brand is Average

Delay a team fight for as long as possible while you poke and harass the enemy with your Pillar of FlameW. Once the enemy is low, you can commit to the fight.

Place vision around the mid lane and wherever you and your ADC are currently playing. This will increase your chances of surviving an all-in.

Stick with your ADC throughout the mid-game. If you’re alone, you’ll be an easy target for the enemy. Similarly, if your ADC is alone, they might try to collapse on them and kill them.

Late game
25+ min
Brand is Average

As you’re a Support, avoid warding alone in the late game. If you get picked off, the enemy will be able to take nearby objectives or use their numbers advantage to win a team fight.

Consistently place vision around the map to help your team secure objectives and get picks. Having vision around the Baron and Dragon is needed to help your team to victory.

Use your Ultimate PyroclasmR on as many enemies as possible. Brand’s late-game damage is insane and as long as you’re able to use it on multiple champions at it bounces- you will deal lots of damage.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

When Brand has hit level 3, he will be able to activate his Passive for maximum damage as he will have access to all 3 of his basic abilities.

Brand’s second power spike is once he unlocks his Ultimate PyroclasmR. It will offer him a lot of additional damage and will help him blow up any squishy Support or ADC.

Once Brand has picked up the first component item to his Mythic, his damage output will increase heavily. You will see a significant increase in damage with more items and more points in your Pillar of FlameW.

Mid game15 - 25 min

At level 9, Brand will put the final point in his Pillar of FlameW ability. This will allow him to constantly harass the enemy laner and get them low enough to where either they or their ADC can look for a kill.

At this stage of the game, Brand would’ve picked up multiple items. His damage output and kill pressure will be incredibly high. Also, as teams start grouping in the mid-game, he will deal a lot of AOE damage.

At level 11, Brand will put a second point in his Ultimate PyroclasmR. This is a good power spike for Brand as he will be able to deal a considerable amount of burst damage and allow him to snowball further.

Late game25+ min

In the late game, Brand will be near full build. This is a significant power spike for Brand as his damage output should be incredibly high. However, he needs to make sure he doesn’t get caught out in the late game or else he will not dish out any damage.

At level 16, Brand can put the third and final point in his Ultimate PyroclasmR. He will be able to dish out a lot of damage on grouped enemies in late game team fights.

Take note that while you will have a lot of damage, the enemy team should have started building defensive items to counter your abilities. Try to blow up targets that are squishy or who lack defensive stats.

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