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general guide on how to counter Brand

Brand Laning Against

Brand Laning Against

Brand will look to hug the bushes in the bottom lane and try to attack you when you move forward. When playing as an engage champion, target him as soon as he moves forward to poke.

Don’t let Brand harass you for free. Try and stand back and out of range of him so he’s unable to attack and harass you with his Pillar of FlameW. Ensure that you remain healthy otherwise you’ll never be able to fight him.

A good time to fight Brand is when he’s out of mana or has an ability on cooldown. This will make trading much better for you as he will not be able to dish out a lot of damage (or possibly stun you if his SearQ is on cooldown) as he’ll have 1 less ability to use.

Brand Strategy VS

Brand Strategy VS

Avoid fighting in tight quarters such as inside the jungle or around an objective. This will make his Ultimate PyroclasmR a lot less potent. With that said, when grouping try not to group too close together so he cannot bounce his Ultimate PyroclasmR between multiple champions either.

In the later stages of the game, Brand will go and ward objectives alone. Use this to your advantage by setting up an ambush and taking him down before an objective spawns.

Brand will try to deal a lot of damage and delay a team fight for as long as possible while poking you down. To prevent him from destroying your health bar, you need to fight him as soon as you see him.

Brand Power Spikes

Brand Power Spikes

Brand is really strong at level 2 and 3 when he gets access to more abilities. Be prepared to back off slightly when he gets the level up so you don’t risk losing your health bar.

The longer the game goes, the stronger Brand gets thanks to the items he’ll get. Try to set him behind in the early game to reduce his gold income and prevent a snowball.

Once Brand hits level 6, his damage output and ability to kill you will be much higher thanks to his Ultimate PyroclasmR. If you are low, make sure you recall as he can easily burst you down and kill you.

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