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Power Spike

Molten ShieldE
Summon: TibbersR
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Pick rate0.6%-
Ban rate0.1%-
Matches22 982-
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Annie Strengths & Weaknesses

Annie is great in team fights thanks to the large AOE on her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR. When paired with her Passive stun, she will be able to stun multiple champions if they’re grouped together.

She is easy to learn. Lots of pros, analysts and high ELO players recommend playing Annie if you want to learn the basics of the mid-lane.

Annie is really good at bursting down and ambushing squishy, low health enemy champions. Getting a few kills on Annie can make her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR incredibly scary. Look to pick off low health targets for easy kills.


Your burst damage is almost non-existent when your Ultimate Summon: TibbersR is down. Any champion or player who can play around your Ultimate Summon: TibbersR can set you back massively.

You are weak against long-ranged poke due to your spell range being low to moderate (depending on the ability). You are also not as effective if you aren't able to accumulate a lead on your enemies early on.

Regardless of the additional movement speed your Molten ShieldE offers, Annie has little to no form of escape. If you’re overextended without your Molten ShieldE to protect you, you will be an easy target.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Annie is Average

Annie gets her first power spike when she unlocks her DisintegrateQ and IncinerateW. The DisintegrateQ mana mechanic allows her to save a lot of mana, while her IncinerateW provides her with lane priority due to the wave clearing potential.

Her biggest power spike is when she obtains her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR. Now she can easily burst people down and roam to other lanes using her Molten ShieldE, after shoving the enemy wave with her IncinerateW.

Her first core item decides when she will power spike the hardest. She can quite easily start blowing people up from the get-go.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Annie is Strong

In the mid-game, she is powerful whenever her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR is up. Roaming to over-extended enemy lanes and lane ganking pushed up ally lanes should give her a massive lead.

Very high pick potential due to her Passive and Ultimate Summon: TibbersR. After shoving the wave, she should be aiming to roam around with her Jungler and help the team.

Once she gets her core items, she can pretty much burst down any enemy squishy who doesn't have any form of Magic Resistance in their kit. Purchasing a Sweeper and playing around with vision will give her a boost in power.

Late game
25+ min
Annie is Average

Her Passive empowered Ultimate Summon: TibbersR can legitimately delete people from the map if Annie is even slightly ahead. Flanking to achieve this increases her power.

Great AoE damage potential with her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR and IncinerateW due to her completed items. Finding clumped fights and using her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR properly allows her to take over the game single-handedly.

The reduction in her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR cooldown makes it possible for her to have Tibbers up all the time. She doesn't need to worry about being caught out without her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR that frequently.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Annie’s best power spike in lane is once she unlocks Tibbers Summon: TibbersR. She can look for aggressive picks and Flash plays with Tibbers and her stun.

Annie will always be a little bit strong when she has her stun ready or almost ready. If the enemy looks to fight you while you have max stacks, you can quickly turn around the fight.

Once Annie has completed her first component item, her wave clear and trading power increases. In particular, her DisintegrateQ and IncinerateW will make trades go more in her favour.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Annie is a team fighting champion thanks to the AOE on Tibbers Summon: TibbersR. As teams will start to group during the mid-game, it is plausible that she can land a multi-person stun with him.

When she has 2 points in her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR, she will be able to look for more aggressive plays around the map. She can also use her Flash to get picks too. She will put the second point in her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR at level 11.

SInce Annie is a mage, she would’ve completed multiple items during the mid-game. This will enable her to get picks on squishy champions and take them down with ease.

Late game25+ min

Annie is a great team fighting champion and as teams will be grouping in the late game. This allows her to get a multi-person Summon: TibbersR.

Although Annie has a lot of burst damage, she starts to fall off in the late game as champions start to build defensive items. Keep this in mind before trying to make aggressive plays.

At level 16, Annie will have 3 points in her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR. Tibbers will deal a lot of damage if he is used in conjunction with the rest of her abilities and her Passive.

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