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Power Spike

Molten ShieldE
Summon: TibbersR
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Win rate45.9%-
Pick rate0.1%-
Ban rate0.1%-
Matches3 114-
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Annie Strengths & Weaknesses

Annie is great in team fights thanks to the large AOE on her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR. When paired with her Passive stun, she will be able to stun multiple champions if they’re grouped together.

Annie is really good at bursting down and ambushing squishy, low health enemy champions. Getting a few kills on Annie can make her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR incredibly scary. Look to pick off low health targets for easy kills.

She is really good at forcing the enemy Support to play safe and avoid overextending if she holds on to her stun for a period of time.


Your burst damage is almost non-existent when your Ultimate Summon: TibbersR is down. You will have to play safer and less aggressive while it is on cooldown.

You are weak against long-ranged poke due. If you cannot get into range of the enemy, you will not be able to play aggressive.

Regardless of the additional movement speed your Molten ShieldE offers, Annie has little to no form of escape. If you’re over extended without your Molten ShieldE to protect you, you will be an easy target.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Annie is Average

Annie’s first power spike is at level 3 when she unlocks all 3 of her abilities. She can protect her ADC or herself with her Molten ShieldE, which is traditionally taken third. This offers her more playmaking potential and also more survivability.

Annie will always be a little bit strong when she has her stun ready or almost ready. If the enemy looks to fight you while you have max stacks, you can quickly turn around the fight.

Annie’s best power spike in lane is once she unlocks Tibbers Summon: TibbersR. She can look for aggressive picks and Flash plays with Tibbers and her stun.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Annie is Strong

Annie is a team fighting champion thanks to the AOE on Tibbers Summon: TibbersR. As teams will start to group during the mid-game, it is plausible that she can land a multi-person stun with him.

When she has 2 points in her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR, she will be able to look for more aggressive plays around the map. She can also use her Flash to get picks too. She will put the second point in her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR at level 11.

Annie’s Molten ShieldE will be on a shorter cooldown during the mid-game. This is good for her and her ADC as she will be able to protect them more frequently in mid-game team fights.

Late game
25+ min
Annie is Average

Annie’s pick potential in the late is incredibly high. Don’t be afraid to try and one-shot the enemy Support if you’re ahead. If you’re not ahead, don’t worry as you will still be able to protect your ADC with your Molten ShieldE.

Annie is a great team fighting champion and as teams will be grouping in the late game. This allows her to get a multi-person Summon: TibbersR.

Although Annie has a lot of burst damage, she starts to fall off in the late game as squishy champions start to build defensive items.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Take control of the lane brushes and keep poking the enemy champions with your DisintegrateQ and IncinerateW. You should easily be able to zone enemies off doing this.

The first item component is a significant power spike in this game. It will give Annie the incentive to use more spells and poke the enemy relentlessly to help her ADC.

Her most significant power spike is when she obtains her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR. She can easily burst people down and roam to other lanes using her Molten ShieldE after stacking up her Passive.

Mid game15 - 25 min

She should be focusing on securing picks during this stage of the game with a fully stacked Passive and DisintegrateQ. Setting up multiple death brushes is her key to success during this phase of the game.

In the mid-game, she is powerful whenever her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR is up. Roaming to over-extended enemy lanes with her Jungler and lane ganking pushed up enemy lanes should give her a massive lead.

At this point, Annie will have her core items. This simply means that every squishy target on the map should be scared of Annie and her ability to one-shot them if they face checking a random brush.

Late game25+ min

Annie will have her complete build by now. Her ability to impact team fights will be at its peak, and she can easily flank and get kills on the enemy backline.

She won't have to worry a lot about being caught out of place without her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR to save herself during this game phase. That ability will pretty much be up almost all the time.

Annie can take over the game single-handedly if she manages to control the vision placement around the map. Any form of death brush will be lethal to enemies due to Annie's overall damage.

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