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Jungle  Patch 11.8

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general guide on how to counter Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao Laning Against

Unless you have an advantage, do not fight Xin Zhao in the early game. He’s 1v1 is incredibly strong thanks to his Three Talon StrikeQ and Audacious ChargeE and he will win most skirmishes.

To make it harder for Xin Zhao to get successful ganks off, make sure you place vision around his jungle entrances. This will give your allies enough time to back off and escape before he is able to reach their lane.

Xin Zhao has good objective control and can take them pretty easily. Make sure you keep the Dragon warded at all times so you can spot him before he is able to take it.


Xin Zhao Strategy VS

Xin is vulnerable to CC during team fights, don’t ignore him. Focus him down when he engages.

As he is a strong skirmishing champion, he will look for picks on enemies who are walking around Summoners Rift alone. Avoid walking in area’s that are unwarded unless you know where Xin Zhao is.

Whenever Xin Zhao’s Ultimate Crescent GuardR is on cooldown, he is incredibly vulnerable. Force team fights when his Ultimate Crescent GuardR is down to increase your chances of winning the fight.


Xin Zhao Power Spikes

Xin Zhao is an early game Jungler and will look to gank often in the early game. You can reduce his effectiveness in the early game by placing vision around his jungle entrances.

Once Xin has completed Trinity Force and his jungling item, he will be very strong. Avoid fighting him if you run into him alone at this stage of the game. In particular, once he has unlocked his Ultimate Crescent GuardR.

Xin Zhao falls off in the late game or when champions start grouping and getting defensive items.

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