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50% AP

50% AD

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Varus matchups

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general guide on how to counter Varus


Varus Laning Against

Post 6, avoid overextending when you’re defenceless. Varus’ Ultimate Chain of CorruptionR can be used to catch you out of position and start a fight. Play safer whenever his Ultimate Chain of CorruptionR is up.

Avoid standing inside the minion wave. This will allow Varus to poke and push the wave at the same time. Standing outside of the minion wave will force him to choose between shoving and poking with his Piercing ArrowQ.

Varus will try his hardest to poke you out of lane. Try your hardest of dodge as much damage and abilities as possible. Opt for extra sustain if you can’t dodge skill shots.


Varus Strategy VS

Varus has good pick potential with his Ultimate Chain of CorruptionR. Avoid overextending or being in range of him when sieging in the mid lane as he could look to start the fight.

Picking off Varus before a team fight is highly effective. Bursting him is one of the best ways to do so as he is rather squishy and immobile due to the lack of a dash or escape ability.

Varus will try to delay a team fight for as long as possible while he harasses with his Piercing ArrowQ and Hail of ArrowsE.


Varus Power Spikes

Varus is strong once he has his Ultimate Chain of CorruptionR. It offers him lots of extra damage, can be used to set up ganks and it also increases his survivability.

In team fights, Varus really shines as his Ultimate Chain of CorruptionR can be used in a variety of ways. He can use it as a self peel tool and as an engage tool.

Once Varus is level 9, he would’ve maxed his Piercing ArrowQ. Mix this in with a couple points in Blighted QuiverW, his Piercing ArrowQ damage output will be intense. Dodge as many Arrows Piercing ArrowQ as humanly possible.

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