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25% AP

75% AD

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general guide on how to counter Ezreal


Ezreal Laning Against

Ensure that you’re always stood behind a minion at all times to make it harder for him to land his Mystic ShotQ and poke you down.

The best time to go for trades and land skill shots on Ezreal is when his Arcane ShiftE is on cooldown. If he ever uses it aggressively, try to abuse the cooldown and look for an aggressive play while he’s defenceless.

If Ezreal uses his Ultimate Trueshot BarrageR to snipe someone on the map, ping your team as it moves across Summoners Rift. This will allow them to dodge the incoming ability. While this ability is on cooldown, you could look to play aggressive and try to fight him.


Ezreal Strategy VS

Hard engage is the best way to deal with Ezreal during the laning phase. But you’ll need to wait for him to use his Arcane ShiftE if your CC is a skill shot.

Ezreals poke damage starts stacking up if you take too many Mystic ShotQ’s to the face. Ensure you’re always stood behind the minion wave at all times.

In team fights, you mustn’t let Ezreal poke you down before you get the chance to engage. If he’s isolated, run at him as quickly as you can to start the fight. Do not delay team fights against an Ezreal.


Ezreal Power Spikes

Ezreal’s first power spike is when he picks up Sheen. His Mystic ShotQ damage will increase substantially and he will look to constantly poke.

Once Ezreal has completed his Manamune and upgraded it to Muramana, his damage output and sustain will be much higher.

Whenever Ezreal has his Arcane ShiftE, he is much safer and harder to kill. Try to abuse the cooldown whenever you can.

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