Once your team loses 50% of their health, Galio is summoned, slamming into the largest cluster of enemies and knocking them up. Galio's health and attack scales off the star level of all the Cultist units.


Daredevils seek the thrill of the battle, dashing after every other attack. After every dash, they shield themselves for 10% of their max health and their next attack fires two shots, gaining Style. At max Style, they cast their spell.


Upon attacking 6 times or dropping below 50% health, Divine units remove all crowd control and ascend, take reduced damage and deal bonus true damage for 6 seconds.


At the start of combat, the first 1/3/6 Dragonsoul allies to take damage receive the Dragon's Blessing. While blessed, the units gains bonus stats, and every 5th attack fires a blast of Dragonflames, dealing 40% of their target's maximum health in magic damage.

On death, this blessing passes to the closest Dragonsoul ally, empowering their first basic attack with Dragonflames.


Every two seconds all Elderwood champions grow, gaining bonus stats. This effect stacks up to five times.


Enlightened units generate more Mana.


If an Exile has no adjacent allies at the start of combat, they gain extra bonuses.


Fabled champion's spells gain an additional effect.


Winning combat against a player will give bonus orbs. The longer you've gone without an orb, the bigger the payout!


Ninja gain bonus Attack Damage and Spell Power. This effect is only active when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Ninjas.


The first time a Spirit casts their spell, all allies gain Attack Speed.

The BossThe Boss

When The Boss first drops to 40% health, he removes himself from combat to start doing sit-ups. Each sit-up restores 15% Health and gives him 20% Attack Speed and Movemend Speed. If he reaches full health he returns to combat Pumped Up, converting his basic attack and spell damage to True Damage. If all of his allies die, he will immediately return to combat.


Warlords have bonus Health and Spell Power. Each victorious combat they've participated in increases this bonus by 10%, stacking up to 5 times.