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35% AP

65% AD

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Jungle Jungle  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Skarner

Skarner Laning Against

Skarner Laning Against

Try to delay Skarner’s level 6 power spike by invading his jungle and stealing away his camps if he shows on one side of the map. Skarner’s biggest power spike in the early game is once he gets his Ultimate ImpaleR, so he will be power farming for this.

Place vision around his jungle entrances to make it harder for Skarner to get ganks off. Ping your team as soon as he leaves his jungle and be prepared to counter gank if you’re nearby.

Skarner has good Dragon and objective control in the early game. Make sure you keep the objectives warded so you can spot him before he is able to take them for free.

Skarner Strategy VS

Skarner Strategy VS

Skarner will try and pick champions off with his Ultimate ImpaleR. In particular, he will try to pick off a squishy champion whose too far forward. Do not overextend to reduce his chances of catching someone out of position.

To make team fighting easier, Skarner will often Flash to get on to a squishy champion. Keep track of his cooldowns and watch your positioning when his Flash is up.

As Skarner will struggle running towards a target directly, he will probably flank from the side so it’s easier for him to catch someone out. Make sure you have vision to the side of your team whenever you’re sieging an objective.

Skarner Power Spikes

Skarner Power Spikes

Once Skarner hits level 6 he can lock someone down for a long period of time with his Ultimate ImpaleR. You can delay his power spike by invading and stealing away his camps in the early game.

Skarner has great pick potential thanks to his Ultimate ImpaleR throughout the mid and late game. Invest in a Quicksilver Sash to increase your chances of escaping or being picked off.

The longer the game goes and the more items Skarner gets, the harder it will be for you to kill him. Try to end the game before he gets every item he needs.

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