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Pyke Strengths & Weaknesses

Pyke is a highly mobile champion thanks to his Ghostwater DiveW and Phantom UndertowE. This allows him to escape sticky situations pretty easily.

Is one of the richest Supports in the game thanks to his Ultimate Death From BelowR which can earn him extra gold.

Pyke’s Ultimate Death From BelowR is an execute which can be a valuable asset in team fights as you can kill the enemy when they’re somewhat healthy.


If you miss your Ultimate Death From BelowR, you’re going to miss out on the potential resets and you’ll definitely miss out on gold and damage. Try your hardest to know who has Flash and who doesn’t to increase your chances of landing your Bone SkewerQ.

He is a mechanically difficult champion to learn and will take a lot of getting used to. Expect to put in a lot of work trying to learn him.

Unfortunately, Pyke has nothing to offer when his Bone SkewerQ is down. Missing this ability will be devastating and you’ll have to play safe until it’s back up. Try to get as close to the enemy or bait out any dashes before using your Bone SkewerQ.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Pyke is Strong

Get level 2 first and look for a favourable trade. Gaining an early health lead is key to getting a kill later on down the line. Level 2 in the bottom lane is the first minion wave followed by the next 3 melee minions.

Your goal during the laning phase is to look for kills and abuse the enemy as often as you can. Try to play aggressive frequently to gain a lead.

After destroying the bottom lane tower, rotate to the mid lane and try to take that tower. This will open up the map and give your team a gold lead.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Pyke is Strong

Keep a constant eye on what major objective is spawning next. If it’s spawning soon, make sure you place vision around the objective as quickly and as safely as possible before retreating to safety. Having vision around major objectives is key.

Look for picks during the mid-game. If you can pick someone off with the help from your allies, you can abuse their death timer to earn more gold and possibly take a tower, an objective or get more kills.

Move around the map and look to help your allies. Keep roaming from lane to lane while looking for executions with your Ultimate Death From BelowR.

Late game
25+ min
Pyke is Weak

Ward major objectives and place vision in high traffic areas in the late stages of the game. Keep them warded so you can see the enemy move around the map and see them starting the objective.

Stay with your team at all times. Avoid moving around the map alone so you do not get caught out. Getting caught out will result in your team having to play 4v5. Do not ward alone unless you know where the enemy is.

Peel for your allies as much as possible. Keeping them alive for as long as possible in team fights is a must in order to win the game.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Getting his Bone SkewerQ will allow him to make plays and give him a huge power spike in the lane.

Procuring his Bone SkewerQ should allow him to amplify his playmaking potential in combination with his Phantom UndertowE.

Once Pyke gets his Ultimate Death From BelowR, he should have an increased presence in the lane and the overall game.

Mid game15 - 25 min

His roaming potential skyrockets during this phase of the game. Pyke will want to use his Ghostwater DiveW to roam to other lanes and get kills for his laners.

Pyke's Bone SkewerQ will be critical during this phase of the game. He can quickly secure picks using that ability.

Pyke's Ultimate Death From BelowR will play a pivotal role during this phase of the game. It will allow him to be very gold efficient if he manages to get multiple kills using the ability.

Late game25+ min

Pyke will be able to deal a lot of damage on his own. He should try to all-in squishy champions and get rid of them when he can.

His Phantom UndertowE can be used very efficiently when the enemy is grouped up. The Phantom UndertowE Flash combo can be extremely deadly for the enemy team.

Pyke's Ghostwater DiveW will allow him to both roam and ward safely. It will not only let him set vision for his team, but he can also manage to secure some picks with the ability.

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