Heimerdinger·Top Guide

Power Spike

Hextech AffinityP
H-28 G Evolution TurretQ
Hextech Micro-RocketsW
CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE
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Win rate50.6%
Pick rate0.5%
Ban rate2.6%
Matches8 271-
Heimerdinger Top
Heimerdinger Jungle
Heimerdinger Mid
Heimerdinger Bot
Heimerdinger Support
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Heimerdinger Strengths & Weaknesses

His waveclear and burst damage is impeccable. He can also keep poking the opposition with his Hextech Micro-RocketsW and set some H-28 G Evolution TurretQ turrets in the lane brushes/around him to prevent all-ins.

He can push up freely as long as he is in the cover of his H-28 G Evolution TurretQ turrets. These turrets, when combined with his CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE, can allow Heimerdinger to turn an enemy gank into an easy kill for him.

His Ultimate UPGRADE!!!R provides him with a lot of versatility. He can use his empowered H-28 G Evolution TurretQ to take down turrets and enemies, his empowered Hextech Micro-RocketsW to take down low health enemies, and his empowered CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE to set a multi-man, long-ranged CC which can allow his team to follow up on his CC.


If the enemy team focuses on destroying his H-28 G Evolution TurretQ turrets before all-in’ing him, he will have to play defensively till he can bring his turrets back up.

Missing his CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE will put him in a vulnerable spot, especially if he is laning on his own or when he is pushed up. This mistake can easily get him killed.

He is very effective when he is fighting in closed spaces like the Jungle. The enemy can reduce this by fighting in the lanes and then matching his push if he tries to split push. Even in this case, if the enemy destroys his H-28 G Evolution TurretQ turrets, Heimerdinger will be done for.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Heimerdinger is Strong

Focus on farming in the early game. You need to earn as much gold as possible to be a major threat later on.

You’re going to naturally push the minion wave with your Turrets H-28 G Evolution TurretQ. While you’re pushing, keep a constant eye on the map. Heimer is vulnerable to ganks if he doesn’t have 3 Turrets H-28 G Evolution TurretQ up, so keep this in mind.

If the enemy laner roams, don’t bother trying to contest their roam. Instead, push the minion wave and start earning turret plate gold.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Heimerdinger is Average

Split push and draw aggro while your team applies pressure elsewhere on the map.

In team fights, use your empowered CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE to get picks to start the fight. Catching someone out and subsequently getting a kill could provide your team with enough time to take the Baron or Dragon.

Peel for your team in team fights. Use your H-28 G Evolution TurretQ on the nearest champion to protect yourself and your ADC.

Late game
25+ min
Heimerdinger is Average

Heimerdinger can take objectives really fast in the late game thanks to his Turrets H-28 G Evolution TurretQ. Be prepared to make the call for them as you can often cheese them for free.

Look for picks with your CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE to start the fight. If you’re able to CC the whole enemy team, you will give your team a good chance of winning the game.

Continue to peel for your allies to keep them alive in fights. You’re good at peeling, so you should do so in the late game.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

level 3 is a decent powerspike as Heimerdinger will have access to all his abilities. He can easily CC immobile ADC and burst them down with his turrets and rockets. His CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE will be very beneficial when going for objective fights.

Level 6 is arguably a colossal power spike for Heimerdinger, as he can now bait enemies to their deaths with ease. He can also take towers very quickly or slow multiple enemies with his CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE.

The first mythic item will allow Heimerdinger to dish out a ton of poke damage in the lane with his turrets. His burst damage will be pretty potent as well, and he can one-shot enemies with utmost ease.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Level nine is a massive powerspike for Heimerdinger. He will now have maxed out an ability and will be dishing out a lot of damage depending on his maxed ability. Additionally, as a mid laner, he will now be able to CC and blow enemies up with his abilities.

Adding another point to his Ultimate UPGRADE!!!R will skyrocket his overall power in the lane. This is because the empowerments will be more powerful, and Heimerdinger will use them both offensively and defensively. In addition, it will let him harass the enemy laner relentlessly when they are trying to farm in the lane.

Heimerdinger excels during team fights as he can control a large area with his H-28 G Evolution TurretQ turrets. This will be really useful in clumped areas like the objective pits and the Jungle paths.

Late game25+ min

His CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE allows him to CC key targets but has a long cooldown early on. Fortunately, he will not have this problem during the late game and will now take down many enemies with his CH-2 Electron Storm GrenadeE.

Adding another point to his Ultimate UPGRADE!!!R will give his empowerments more overall strength. It can be convenient when taking neutral objectives and fighting enemies who rely on diving and locking Heimerdinger down.

Heimerdinger will have many items now, and his abilities can easily one-shot enemies if they are not careful or if Heimerdinger sets a death brush somewhere. He can also take on the Baron singlehandedly.

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