Vel'Koz·Mid Guide

Power Spike

Organic DeconstructionP
Plasma FissionQ
Void RiftW
Tectonic DisruptionE
Life Form Disintegration RayR
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Win rate50.3%
Pick rate1.0%
Ban rate0.3%
Matches2 034-
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Vel'Koz Strengths & Weaknesses

His poke damage is quite high and obnoxious for the enemy team to deal with. This poke can build up over time and makes it so that the enemy laner is forced to play in the cover of their minion wave.

His wave clearing potential is very high due to his Void RiftW and Plasma FissionQ. This allows him to clear up the waves pretty quickly and get lane priority, which allows him to help his team secure objectives.

Excels in fights taking place in chokepoints and close quarters as it allows him to quickly stack up his Passive. This combined with his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR can easily allow him to destroy the enemy team.


Very immobile and hence is vulnerable to layered crowd control. He can’t push up freely unless he already knows where the enemy Jungler is, otherwise, he will just be killed.

His Tectonic DisruptionE is his only source of self-peel. Misusing it makes him way more vulnerable to all-ins and can probably get him killed almost instantly if the enemy laner has some form of blink or ranged crowd control ability.

His Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR roots him in place, making it very easy for enemy champions with ranged crowd control to interrupt his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR and get on top of him along with their team.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Vel'Koz is Average

Your goal throughout the laning phase is to poke and harass the enemy in lane. You have a lot of poke, so try to poke the enemy down as often as you can.

Play safe for the first few levels while you land poke on the enemy with your Plasma FissionQ. Once they’re low enough, you can commit to an all-in.

Once you’ve hit level 6 and purchased key component items, look to harass and constantly push the enemy into their tower. This will allow you to earn turret plating and increase your gold income.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Vel'Koz is Strong

If your allies move to your lane after destroying their tower, rotate and move around the map to continue farming and gaining XP and gold.

Use your abilities to clear the minion waves quickly so your team can siege/ prevent a siege from the enemy team. If you can land poke while also pushing the minion wave, you could look for a favourable trade.

While sieging Baron or Dragon, or whenever you’re pushing the enemy under their tower, look for a pick with your abilities. If you can catch someone out of position or blow them up, you’ll be able to take the objective for free.

Late game
25+ min
Vel'Koz is Average

Stick with your team in the late game. Do not split up or walk away from them otherwise the enemy may try to pick you off or initiate a 4v5 fight when you’re away from your team.

Look for picks with your abilities. Picking someone off and then collapsing on them to take them down is a great way of winning a team fight and ending the game. Look for picks on isolated targets if possible.

Keep a constant eye on you and your allies positioning. You need to poke the enemy down and delay fights in the late game, but you need to watch your positioning as you move forward to harass. Do not get picked off by trying to harass and poke the enemy down.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

His level six is a massive power spike as he can now use his Passive to the utmost potential. He will just have to ensure that he doesn't root himself in a position where an enemy can flank him.

His first item component will be beneficial as it will allow him to use his Void RiftW frequently to wave clear. This will allow him to prevent the enemy laner from roaming freely.

Before level six, Vel'Koz should stick to keeping the wave on his side of the tower due to his squishiness. His combo is relatively ineffective, too, without his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Vel'Koz is enormous in team fights, especially the ones which happen near the objective pits. This is mainly because clumped fights allow Vel'Koz to hit multiple targets with his abilities and proc his Passive.

Getting 2 points in his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR at level 11 will be another significant power spike. He can now melt through the enemy backline and frontline alike with all the damage he will deal.

More items mean more damage for Vel'Koz. This will only make things better for him, and his team and Vel'Koz will slowly start taking over the game from here.

Late game25+ min

Having 3 points in his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR is another significant power spike for Vel'Koz. This will allow him to melt through everyone like a hot butter knife. His burst damage will be immaculate as well.

Vel'Koz is good in team fights during this game due to his Passive and Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR. That, in combination with the rest of his abilities, make up for some obnoxious poke damage.

Having his complete build will allow Vel'Koz to burst people down like balloons. Any squishy who gets caught in the crossfire will definitely end up dying.

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