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Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


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100% AP

0% AD

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Vel'Koz matchups

Mid  Patch 11.7

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general guide on how to counter Vel'Koz


Laning Against

Try your hardest to dodge Vel’koz Plasma FissionQ’s in lane. Invest in early Boots if you’re struggling to dodge this ability.

As soon as he channels his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR, either disengage, CC him or commit to the all-in. Hard CC will interrupt his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR, but roots do not.

After he has got his first item, Vel’koz will constantly push the minion wave. Stand close but outside of the minion wave at all times so he is unable to push and poke at the same time.


Strategy VS

Force team fights as soon as possible: preferably when his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR is on cooldown. Do not delay a team fight as it will allow him to poke your team down with his Plasma FissionQ and Void RiftW.

Avoid team fighting or forcing objectives like the Baron or Dragon when Vel’koz is alive and nearby. He has great poke thanks to his Plasma FissionQ, Void RiftW and Life Form Disintegration RayR which will make it difficult for your team to secure the objective easily.

Avoid fighting in chokepoints like inside the jungle as it will give Vel’koz an easier time landing his Tectonic DisruptionE, doing damage with his Void RiftW and melting your team with his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR.


Power Spikes

Vel’koz first major power spike is once he hits level 6 as his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR offers him tons of kill pressure.

Once Vel’koz has his first item completed, he will be constantly pushing the minion wave and trying to poke you down.

Vel’koz is really good in team fights thanks to the poke and AOE damage from his abilities. Try to fight when he is not there or when his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration RayR is down.

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