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Cassiopeia · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

100% AP

0% AD

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Cassiopeia Strengths & Weaknesses

Cassiopeia’s Ultimate Petrifying GazeR is a great tool in team fights. Hitting 5 champions at once is a sure-fire way of winning the team fight.

She deals a lot of damage in extended trades as long as she lands her Noxious BlastQ. She needs to make sure she keeps an eye on her mana pool though so she doesn’t run out of mana.

Cassiopeia can often get early kills in lane with a level 2 all-in. Getting an early kill will make the laning phase much easier for her.


Cassiopeia runs out of mana incredibly quickly if she spams her Twin FangE when trading. She needs to keep a constant eye on her mana pool otherwise she will have minimal lane pressure.

Cassiopeia is one of the most immobile champions in the game. This makes her a prime target for ganks and teams with good dive potential.

When against mobile champions like Talon, Lee Sin, Rengar, it will be really hard for her to land her Noxious BlastQ, make use of her MiasmaW and escape a trade. She struggles against fast-moving enemies.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Cassiopeia is Average

Keep a constant eye on your mana pool. Cassiopeia has short cooldowns (overall) and it’s easy to spam them.

Extended trades work in Cassiopeia’s favour. Her damage does stack up so try to go for extended trades around your Twin FangE.

Play around your Ultimate Petrifying GazeR. It is a good all-in tool and good to setup/deny ganks. Make sure you get close to the enemy to ensure you’re able to land it.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Cassiopeia is Average

When no team fights are occurring, move to a side lane and focus on farming and earning XP and gold.

In team fights, try to flank the enemy. This will increase your chances of getting a good Ultimate Petrifying GazeR off.

Look for fights inside tight spots of the map or get picks with your Ultimate Petrifying GazeR. CC’ing a key target will make fighting so much easier.

Late game
25+ min
Cassiopeia is Strong

Watch your positioning in late game team fights. Stay as safe as possible so you do not get killed first. Cassiopeia is one of the strongest late game champions, so staying alive is key.

Stick with your team in the late game. Do not split up or walk away from them otherwise the enemy may try to pick you off or initiate a 4v5 fight when you’re away from your team.

Look to initiate and start a fight with your Ultimate Petrifying GazeR. Being able to land a multi-person stun will make the fight much easier for your team.

Power Spikes
Early game

Major power spike when she hits level three as she can now disrupt all-in and keep poking the enemy with her MiasmaW, Noxious BlastQ, and Twin FangE. Her MiasmaW ‘grounded’ can be game-changing during this stage of the game.

A small power spike is when she gets her Tear of the Goddess. Now she can spam abilities and not run out of mana immediately and easily.

The second biggest power spike is when she gets her Ultimate Petrifying GazeR. This fortifies her disruption potential and she can now initiate fights easily due to the range and AoE aspect of her Ultimate Petrifying GazeR.

Mid game

Becomes very powerful once she gets her core items. She will be able to kite effectively now and won't be as immobile as the early game due to her Passive granting her respectable amounts of movement speed.

Can sustain herself during fights and can stay for quite some time in the lane when compared to her counterparts. She can be very helpful during objective fights as her Ultimate Petrifying GazeR provides her with the CC and utility to thwart any steal attempts.

She can provide really good follow-up to all-ins which her teammates decide to instigate. The increased movement speed along with her Noxious BlastQ and Twin FangE will allow her to shred through squishies and tanks alike.

Late game

She becomes very powerful as she gets more items and gets full build during this stage of the game. She can easily win 1 v 2's now and can completely blow up squishies if she manages to land her MiasmaW or Ultimate Petrifying GazeR on them.

Her MiasmaW allows her to prevent all-ins on her and keeps the enemy in place for some time. This allows her to reposition and lets her team use their CC on the enemy targets with relative ease. The short cooldown is a boon as well.

Due to her short cooldown on her abilities, and especially her Twin FangE, she can initiate a lot of team fights and get multiple Jungle picks with her team. This will effectively allow her team to secure neutral objectives easily and win the game.

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