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Kayle · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

87% AP

13% AD

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Kayle Strengths & Weaknesses

A late-game monster due to how her Passive works. If she can pull through the laning phase and can acquire CS in an orderly manner, she will easily take over the game later on.

Her Ultimate Divine JudgmentR can allow her to save a teammate as well as herself depending on the situation. If she is behind, she can easily use it on an assassin in her team so that she can keep the enemy distracted from her presence.

The Radiant BlastQ and Celestial BlessingW allows her to catch up to fleeing targets with ease and get rid of them once she is powerful enough. It also acts as a source of poke and waveclear in the lane, especially before she is level six.


A very weak early game causes her to have no form of lane presence. She is an easy gank target at this point, and shutting her down at this point of the game is very easy.

She is quite prone to CC abilities, especially when her Ultimate Divine JudgmentR is down to buy her some time for the CC to wear out. Even in fights, she will need to be careful, else she will get chain CC’d and deleted.

As far as her playstyle is concerned, she will be focused on catching the side waves and not accompanying her team most of the time. This gives the enemy team a huge advantage over her team in terms of numbers and sustenance.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Kayle is Weak

Play safe in the early game. You need time to come online and if you fall behind, you will struggle to lane and you will delay your first major power spike.

Focus on power farming and minimizing trading until you’re level 6. Once you unlock your Ultimate Divine JudgmentR, you can start to be more aggressive.

Once you’re level 6, you can look to play more aggressive as you can use your Ultimate Divine JudgmentR as a trading tool and something to fall back on.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Kayle is Average

Stay away from your team and look to farm and gain as much XP as possible. You need to hit your level spikes as fast as possible and one way you can do this is by staying in a side lane.

Focus on farming and avoid fighting in the mid-game. If you die or have to burn your Flash, you’re going to be incredibly vulnerable.

Split push and stay away from your team unless they need you. You will be stronger if you avoid fighting and grouping unless you have to.

Late game
25+ min
Kayle is Strong

Group with your team in the late game. You will be needed in late game team fights.

Peel for your carries in team fights. It’s important that you focus the nearest enemy champion and focus who your allies are focusing.

Unless your ADC is behind, you could use your Ultimate Divine JudgmentR on them to keep them alive while they dish out damage. If you’re ahead, save your Ultimate Divine JudgmentR for yourself.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Her Radiant BlastQ should help her land some early poke on the enemy but she should keep in mind to never go for a full blown fight early on.

Once she unlocks her Celestial BlessingW she should have a lot of evasion potential and sustain in the lane. She will need to use it wisely to get to level six.

Her main power spike is when she hits level six. Now she has access to ranged auto-attacks and an Ultimate Divine JudgmentR which can save her in dire situations.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Getting more items will help her immensely in this game as she already becomes a late game monster due to how her kit works.

Her Radiant BlastQ slow should come in very handy when trying to chase down an enemy. Combined with how her Passive works, she will be able to melt through enemy health bars with ease.

She should always keep attacking the minions to keep her auto-attacks charged up. This way, she will be able to react to a fight immediately.

Late game25+ min

Once she hits level sixteen, she becomes the most powerful entity in the entire game. Her auto-attacks are permanently exalted and she can deal a lot of AoE damage.

Her Ultimate Divine JudgmentR should save her from assassination attempts during this phase of the game. It is very important as she needs to be alive in order to win fights.

She should be looking for grouped fights when she can. This will increase her overall power and damage output by a lot, especially if the fight is taking place in a neutral objective pit.

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