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Gwen · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

75% AP

25% AD

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Gwen Strengths & Weaknesses

Gwen can deal a lot of damage very quickly with a fully stacked Snip Snip!Q. Look for trades when you have max stacks.

Her Ultimate NeedleworkR can be recast multiple times. It also offers her a heal which helps her in 1v1 fights.

Your Hallowed MistW is a great tool that can stop incoming abilities such as Thresh Death SentenceQ or Blitzcrank Rocket GrabQ. Although it doesn’t protect your allies, you can put yourself in between you and the enemy so your ally doesn’t get CC’d.


Gwen is difficult to play into ranged champions. They can constantly harass and bully her which will make it difficult for her to survive the early game.

Your Snip Snip!Q will only be as impactful as you make it. If you use your Snip Snip!Q without multiple stacks, the damage will be futile.

Her Hallowed MistW doesn’t block tower shots, but it does increase her defensive stats. With this in mind, always think twice before committing to tower dives.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Gwen is Average

In the first few levels, play safe and avoid committing to any trades. Your very early game is rather weak, so you’ll probably lose trades versus an aggressive laner.

Once your Passive is stacked, you can look for fights with the enemy. Looking for skirmishes when your Passive is stacked will increase your damage output and increase your chances of killing the enemy.

Focus on good wave management and going for favourable trades. If you are constantly pushing, you will not be able to get kills as your Hallowed MistW doesn’t protect you against tower shots.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Gwen is Average

When no team fights are occurring, go in a side lane and look to split push. This way you will continue to earn gold and XP which will help you get to your next major power spike.

Gwen is a strong 1v1 champion- especially if she was able to get an early lead. Look to apply pressure and fight whoever on the enemy team tries to stop you.

Continue to play around your Passive and your Snip Snip!Q in mid-game fights: especially in 1v1 skirmishes. You will miss out on a lot of damage if you don’t play around it.

Late game
25+ min
Gwen is Average

In the late game, stay with your team. Avoid moving too far away from them as the enemy may force a fight while you’re gone.

Focus the nearest enemy champion in team fights. Even with your Hallowed MistW, you are still squishy and vulnerable to the enemy backline. Focus the same champion as the one your allies are focusing.

You can dish out a ton of damage in late game team fights with your empowered Snip Snip!Q damage. Ensure you’re auto-attacking as much as you can to increase your Snip Snip!Q damage.

Power Spikes
Early game

Gwen will always be stronger when she has her Passive stacked. This is because her Snip Snip!Q will deal more damage. Avoid committing to fights unless it’s heavily stacked.

Once Gwen has completed her first component item, she will be a lot stronger. She can look for trades more frequently and she should come out ahead of the fights.

When Gwen unlocks her Ultimate NeedleworkR, her kill and all-in pressure intensifies. Look for fights around your Passive and don’t be afraid to pull the trigger.

Mid game

When Gwen has hit level 9, her Snip Snip!Q will be maxed. This ability in conjunction with her Passive will deal a lot of damage to an enemy in a 1v1 fight.

At level 11, Gwen will put 2 points in her Ultimate NeedleworkR. She will be a huge threat in 1v1 skirmishes if she has the level advantage.

Gwen will be strong during mid-game team fights. Look to group with your team and try to capitalize on your item and level power spikes to gain a significant advantage.

Late game

In the late game, Gwen will find it difficult to get picks as the enemy will be grouped together and playing as a team.

Post 14, Gwen will start to put points in her Hallowed MistW. The decreased cooldown will be beneficial, but not game-changing as she will still only be able to use it once.

When Gwen has 3 points in her Ultimate NeedleworkR, and in conjunction with the rest of her items, her damage output will be very high. Just make sure you stay in combat so you can get more Ultimate NeedleworkR procs off.

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