Bel'Veth·Jungle Guide

Death in Lavender P
Void SurgeQ
Above and BelowW
Royal MaelstromE
Endless BanquetR
Win rate51.1%
Pick rate4.9%
Ban rate9.6%
Matches81 823-
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Bel'Veth Strengths & Weaknesses

Bel’Veth has a lot of depth to her basic abilities with high mobility, Pre-6 CC in her W knockup and her E granting her damage reduction, % missing health damage AND lifesteal. This means she’s a very complete champion already at level 3.

She scales incredibly well with Attack speed as it benefits her whole kit and her whole playstyle revolves around this. If she manages to get those core items and hit that mid game ahead, she will absolutely terrorise the rift.

Bel’Veth has a lot of single target damage with her auto attacks and her passive but she also deals significant AoE true damage due to those Void Corals that she can consume from enemy champions and objectives


Despite having a lot to offer, she really needs that Attack speed to come online and if she gets put too far behind before she can get those few core items, she may never be able to recover.

Bel’Veth relies heavily on her Q, her passive and her auto attacks to deal the majority of her damage, this means naturally she’s incredibly countered by any form of hard CC. Her E is also a channel ability which can additionally be interrupted by Crowd control.

If Bel’Veth doesn’t get any take downs on champions or objectives in teamfights she can never activate her True Form which is when she becomes so much harder to deal with.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Bel'Veth is Average

Your goal in the early game is to gain as much gold and Xp as quickly as you can. You wanna prioritize ganking lanes with low mobility or for allies with early CC as the strength of your basic abilities at level 3 and 4 is pretty significant.

Try and secure early objectives as you can take them pretty quickly and if you kill them you can turn into your True Form as use this to take down any nearby enemies.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Bel'Veth is Strong

In the mid game you focus is to snowball your lead and get those core items to spike as early as you can. The more big items you get, the quicker you will become unstoppable.

Continue to focus on securing those objectives and consider fighting over them, all it takes is one piece of Void Coral to pop off and start carrying those fights in your True Form.

Don’t be afraid to take down structures in your down time too. You’re an attack speed champion, so after taking down enemies in lanes, make sure to punish them further by killing their turrets as well as the usual strategy of clearing their camps.

Late game
25+ min
Bel'Veth is Strong

Late game you become an unstoppable attack speed carry with an insane amount of mobility, consistent damage output and also good survivability too. Try to time your fights around your teammates initiation, and always be the follow up rather than the initiation. You’re going to struggle to be taken down as long as you aren’t caught out alone, and use your Q’s mobility to dodge as many major CC abilities as possible in teamfights. When amongst multiple targets, don’t forget to use your E to keep yourself alive aswell as priorizing those Void Corals from fallen enemies.

The focus remains the same about fighting around objectives. If you take down a Baron at this point it can easily decide the game with that extended empowered True Form you get from consuming its Void Coral. Focus on this as much as you can without forcing it with a 50/50.

Jungle pathing
Early Game
Early Game
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Bel’Veths early objective control is very strong due to her high attack speed and low cooldowns. She can also turn into her True Form after killing it and then use this to punish any pursuing enemies.

Bel’Veth will get significantly stronger with each time she recalls, due to how much she benefits from every piece of attack speed she buys. Once she’s completed that first Mythic item, she’s going to be a lot harder to deal with, especially if she gets it earlier than expected.

More attack speed means a lower cooldown on her Q, which is her bread and butter ability, aiding her damage, mobility and clear speeds. The sooner she gets that attack speed, the stronger she gets.

Mid game15 - 25 min

A few points in her Ultimate and her Maxed out Q will mean Bel’Veth is starting to really come into her own at this point of the game. She will be able to threaten enemy teams a lot more now as long as she avoids big hard hitting CC. Bel’Veth early teamfight potential with those Void Coral consumptions and her True Form is where she really starts to shine. Her enemies also won’t quite have the itemization to deal with her this early into the game so she can really benefit from her high attack speed and mobility.

Late game25+ min

At this point in the game Bel’Veth will have her full core item build path and she will deal a huge amount of damage whilst being incredibly slippery. This makes her adept at being a consistent huge damage output and being hugely threatening to enemy teams backlines. Not only will be shred down carries but due to the nature of her itemization she should have an easy time tearing through those frontliners too.

If she consumes a Void Coral at this point in the game and activates her True Form, she’s going to be very hard to take down due to all those bonus stats she gains. She also benefits from increased pushing power if she consumes an empowered void Coral from Baron nashor or a rift herald. This means when she kills minions, she will summon voidlings to push lanes and punish enemy structures.

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