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Janna · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


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100% AP

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Janna Strengths & Weaknesses

Janna is a very mobile champion thanks to her ZephyrW. This allows her to escape sticky situations easily.

She is a lane bully and can easily poke and harass the enemy over and over again. An aggressive Janna can solo win the bottom lane.

She provides a lot of healing and shielding for her allies which is very beneficial as it will keep them alive for longer in fights.


There is a stigma behind Janna players. Ignore the haters!

She is vulnerable to poke and engage. You need to be careful when it comes to trading and you’ll need to play around cooldowns so you don’t die when you try to harass the enemy- especially with your basic attacks and ZephyrW.

She relies on her team more than some other Supports like Leona or Thresh. If your team is behind, it will be harder to win on Janna.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Janna is Average

Look to harass the enemy as often as possible in the early game. This will allow you to get your Support item quest done rather quickly.

Your main focus in lane should be to peel and protect your ADC as much as possible. If you or they fall behind, it’s going to be harder for you to win the lane and the game.

Keep an eye on your positioning in lane. Try to adapt your positioning accordingly and play around where your ADC is stood at all times. If you’re too far back, they will struggle to farm and you’ll have no priority in lane.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Janna is Average

Move to the mid lane and either stick with your ADC in the mid lane or hug your Mid laners hand to prevent the enemy from taking the mid lane tier 1.

Make sure you place vision around nearby lanes and objectives. If you can spot the enemy moving around the map, your team may be able to collapse on to them and get a free kill.

Avoid wandering too far away from your allies at any given time. If you get caught out, the enemy may be able to take a nearby objective like Baron, Dragon, a tower or even win a 5v4.

Late game
25+ min
Janna is Strong

As you’re a Support, avoid warding alone in the late game. If you get picked off, the enemy will be able to take nearby objectives or use their numbers advantage to win a team fight.

Consistently place vision around the map to help your team secure objectives and get picks. Having vision around the Baron and Dragon is needed to help your team to victory.

In the late game, make sure you’re with your team at all times. If you leave them, the enemy may start a fight without you being there to protect them and keep them alive.

Power Spikes
Early game

A small power spike is when she gets her ZephyrW or Howling GaleQ when she hits level two. The ZephyrW poke along with the peel/disengage potential she gains is massive for her ADC and her in the lane.

Her Ultimate MonsoonR is one of the biggest lane power spikes which she can get in the laning phase. It gives her a form of sustain, and an emergency disengage should she miss her Howling GaleQ.

The other major lane power spike is when she gets her first item. Moonstone offers her a lot of additional healing and poke in lane.

Mid game

Getting her boots helps her roam around during the mid-game. It is a minor power spike, but it is very helpful if she and her ADC swap to the mid-lane.

The more ability haste she gets during this phase, the stronger she will become. This combined with the item effects makes her really strong during team fights as she can peel for her carries, and have a short Ultimate MonsoonR cooldown.

Fighting in open spaces will see to her being more powerful and effective in major fights. She will be able to use her Ultimate MonsoonR more effectively along with her Eye Of The StormE. It will give her more liberty in switching peeling targets during a fight.

Late game

She will be very powerful once she hits the late game and gets all her items. She will be able to Eye Of The StormE her carries more frequently, and her mana regen won't let her run out of mana.

The reduced Ultimate MonsoonR cooldown should allow her to make multiple life-saving plays quite frequently. This is very good as the knockback effect allows her to peel for her carries most effectively.

Besides peeling for her carries, she should be relatively safe at this point in the game. Unless she goes around warding alone in the enemy Jungle, there is a very low chance that she will get killed as she can use the narrow Jungle routes, Howling GaleQ, ZephyrW movement speed, and Ultimate MonsoonR to escape very easily.

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