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Illaoi · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

0% AP

100% AD

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Illaoi Strengths & Weaknesses

She absolutely decimates melee matchups, especially the ones who forget or are unable to get out of her Ultimate Leap of FaithR. This ability also allows her to impact a team fight when there are multiple divers on the enemy team.

Her Test of SpiritE allows her to set up ganks for her Jungler with ease. The usage of this ability with her Ultimate Leap of FaithR can allow her to chunk an enemy with ease, as the enemy won’t be able to escape the ult radius quickly.

Her Passive allows her to sustain off the damage she deals. This is very beneficial when she is using her Ultimate Leap of FaithR amidst a group of enemy champions. She will practically be unkillable and the enemy will have to decide whether to flee or fight.


Her Ultimate Leap of FaithR won’t go through, or do a lot of damage if she is displaced or polymorphed when she initiates the Ultimate Leap of FaithR. This can be game-changing for the enemy team and will allow the enemy to easily win a fight.

She is quite weak against ranged carries, especially if the carry has some form of dash or range advantage over her, as it will allow them to easily dodge her Test of SpiritE.

Buying early Grievous wounds against her can allow her enemies to win a lot of early game fights against her. This advantage will carry over to the late game where she won’t be able to heal up a lot and will be easier to take down if she decides to all-in the enemy.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Illaoi is Strong

Try your hardest to earn as much gold as possible. The more gold Illaoi earns, the harder she will be to deal with in the later parts of the laning phase/ game.

Once you’re level 6, you can look for an all-in or go for a kill. Try to get them low before doing so though.

Poke the enemy as often as possible with your Test of SpiritE and Tentacle SmashQ. If you can get them low and play around your Tentacle placements, your ability to get a kill in lane will increase.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Illaoi is Strong

During the mid-game, split push and apply pressure to the edges of the map while your team applies pressure elsewhere.

Illaoi is very strong in team fights, so it’s recommended that you find opportunities to group with your team. In particular, you are good around objectives and inside the jungle.

Delay team fights for as long as possible. This will provide time for your Passive to kick in and for you to get some tentacles down.

Late game
25+ min
Illaoi is Weak

Stick with your team in the later stages of the game. Avoid moving too far away from them.

Look for picks with your Test of SpiritE in the late game. Landing an Test of SpiritE with the follow-up damage from your team could result in a kill or a favourable fight.

Continue to delay team fights when possible so you can get your Passive tentacles down.

Power Spikes
Early game

Illaoi will get a small power spike in terms of wave management and priority when she gets her Tentacle SmashQ. It can prove to be strong if she can use her Tentacle SmashQ to hit both the minions and the enemy laner.

Her Test of SpiritE will be very helpful during the laning phase, especially when she is getting ganked. It will not only let her damage her target but also slow them after a period.

Getting her Ultimate Leap of FaithR is arguably the most important power spike she will have during the game. She can destroy melee matchups and will decimate the enemy team if they are too close to her.

Mid game

Her mid game will be more reliant on her items and survivability. She can easily regenerate most of her lost health by just ulting the enemy team at the proper time.

Her tankiness during this stage of the game is pretty high and she should be able to front line quite effectively. This combined with her survivability makes her a very powerful champion during this phase of the game.

Team fights in the Jungle and the objective pits should be beneficial for Illaoi. She will pretty much kill every enemy team member if they stay too close to Illaoi for too long.

Late game

Although she won't be as strong as she was in the mid-game, she will still be a hefty frontliner for the enemy team to deal with. Besides, her Test of SpiritE can allow her to catch someone and deal a lot of damage to them.

She should always be on the lookout for an opportunity to barge into the enemy team and Ultimate Leap of FaithR the enemy team. It will cause mayhem in the enemy ranks and will let her team follow up on the damage.

The short Ultimate Leap of FaithR cooldown should allow her to initiate more fights and get multiple kills/recalls in a single fight. This will translate into free neutral objectives like the Baron and the Elder Dragon.

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