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general guide on how to counter Illaoi

Illaoi Laning Against

Illaoi Laning Against

Test of Spirit Test of SpiritE is essential when it comes to trading. Dodging this ability is key as it will reduce her trading power. Ensure that you’re always stood behind at least 1 minion. Do not stand inside the minion wave though as Illaoi can use her Tentacle SmashQ to push the wave and poke you at the same time if you stand in it.

If you’ve been hit by her Test of SpiritE and escaped the zone, don’t kill all the Tentacles. Stand next to one of them so another one cannot spawn.

Try and freeze the wave closer to your side of the map. Illaoi is weak early on and will try to freeze the wave and then zone you away from minions when she is stronger. By keeping the wave closer, you’ll limit her ability to farm and scale.

Illaoi Strategy VS

Illaoi Strategy VS

Illaoi’s Leap of FaithR can have a huge impact on team fights. Do your best to disengage if you can when she casts her Ult. In addition to this, do not fight in tight areas as it will allow her Leap of FaithR and tentacles to run havoc.

One of Illaoi’s strengths is that she is difficult to kill once she lands several tentacle slams because of the damage it deals and the sustain it provides. Invest in grievous wounds to slow her healing down. Thormail, Morrello’s, or Ignite will do the trick.

Illaoi’s Test of SpiritE creates a spirit of the champion it hits. This spirit is treated just like a champion for the sake Dark Harvest Stacks. Keep this in mind when pulls and Spirit from you or your team.

Illaoi Power Spikes

Illaoi Power Spikes

Most of the time, Illaoi will rush Black cleaver as it synergizes incredibly well with her kit. If she manages to complete this item before the 11-minute mark, she will 1 shot casters minions, making her push pretty much outmatched.

Illaoi’s power can spike around her Test of Spirit Test of SpiritE max (level 9). This gives her the ability to do a great deal of damage to carries if she takes a side lane. Be aware of this power spike and inform whoever tries to match her in the side lane.

At level 13 most Illaoi’s will have their Tentacle Slam Tentacle SmashQ and Test of Spirit Test of SpiritE maxed. This will give Illaoi incredible skirmish & duelling potential. Try to pick her off or pick fights while she is away from her team.

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