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general guide on how to counter Darius

Darius Laning Against

Darius Laning Against

Darius is one of the best duelers in the game, so don’t overstay your welcome. Do not go for extended trades with him as he will always come out ahead.

Darius will look to reposition when using his DecimateQ. Try and stay in the inner ring so it doesn’t deal much damage.

Darius is relatively immobile and weak when he is getting attacked by multiple champions. Let him push, poke him down and then request a Jungle gank for a guaranteed kill.

Darius Strategy VS

Darius Strategy VS

Try to disengage and kite Darius when he engages in a team fight. Try not to let him get on to you or your allies as he can deal tons of damage if he gets in range to pull ApprehendE them in.

For AD champions, investing in an Executioner’s Calling will help reduce his healing and survivability in lane and in team fights.

Do not overstay in a team fight when you’re low as you might set up Darius for a Pentakill with his Ultimate Noxian GuillotineR.

Darius Power Spikes

Darius Power Spikes

Darius is really strong once he has time to apply multiple stacks of his Passive onto an enemy champion. Do not let him do this by staying out of melee range and avoiding extended trades.

Darius is very strong at level 6 as his Ultimate Noxian GuillotineR is an execute. Recall if you’re low at level 5 in case he gets the level up and tries to kill you.

Darius has a very strong level 2 all-in. Take extra care when trading with him at level 1, and definitely do not fight him at level 2 as he will beat you.

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