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Jayce matchups

Top  Patch 11.8

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general guide on how to counter Jayce


Jayce Laning Against

Jayce is going to use his range advantage to poke down melee champions. Be prepared to sacrifice some CS for XP when necessary.

While he does have tons of poke, he does have high mana costs. If you can, try and look to fight when he is low on mana as he can’t do much of a combo when he’s low.

Make sure you’re always behind the minion wave so the minions block his To the Skies! / Shock BlastQ damage. Do not stand directly behind them as his To the Skies! / Shock BlastQ is AOE.


Jayce Strategy VS

Jayce will try and delay a team fight for as long as possible so he can poke with his To the Skies! / Shock BlastQ and Thundering Blow / Acceleration GateE combo. Do not delay team fights at all costs so he is unable to poke you down.

Don’t try to take objectives like the Baron or Dragon when Jayce is nearby. As your team will be grouped closely together, he will be able to land devastating blows with his To the Skies! / Shock BlastQ and this could cost you your team the objective and your lives.

If Jayce is in a side lane split pushing, make sure you keep an eye on his positioning at all times. He can quickly clear waves and takedown towers with his Lightning Field / Hyper ChargeW. Do not leave him uncontested for too long.


Jayce Power Spikes

Jayce has the range advantage so he will be able to poke and harass any melee champions. Keep this in mind at level 1 and 2 so he doesn’t poke you down.

Jayce’s Thundering Blow / Acceleration GateE To the Skies! / Shock BlastQ or To the Skies! / Shock BlastQThundering Blow / Acceleration GateE combo is very good at pushing and poking you down. Stand behind the minion wave so they block the damage from his To the Skies! / Shock BlastQ. Don’t stand close to the wave as his To the Skies! / Shock BlastQ is AOE.

He is very good in team fights. Make sure you engage as soon as possible so he is unable to poke you down and poke you out of the team fight.

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