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Gnar · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

25% AP

75% AD

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Gnar Strengths & Weaknesses

He is a lane bully and can make the life of melee top laners a very hard one. With his ranged poke and his Boomerang Throw / Boulder TossQ, he can keep chipping on his opponent while they try to farm, and force them out of the lane.

His Hop / CrunchE allows him to disengage and ruin all-in attempts on him from the enemy team. This makes it very hard for the enemy Jungler to gank him unless the top laner is able to land their CC on him.

His Ultimate GNAR!R can change the tide of an entire fight. When combined with his Hop / CrunchE, he can quite easily CC the entire enemy team when they are clumped up together.


Once Gnar’s Hop / CrunchE is down, he becomes susceptible to ganks, so if his opponent manages to bait it out, he will have a really hard time escaping out of that situation.

Gnar’s Ultimate GNAR!R won’t be very effective if the enemy is playing in open spaces and is spaced out evenly. This will force him to go for a higher priority target which may involve flanking the enemy team, which can cause him to get caught out and killed.

The enemy can completely counter him by choosing to disengage when he gets his mega form. Once his mega form is down, the enemy won’t be under the looming threat of getting ulted into a wall by him, and hence will be able to fight more freely.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Gnar is Average

If possible, use your range advantage to harass enemy champions from afar when they walk up to last hit. This will allow you to gain a health lead over the enemy.

Keep an eye on your resource bar at all times. Look for aggressive plays when you’re about to change form or when your Ultimate GNAR!R is about to come up.

When you’re level 6, you actually have a surprising amount of damage. You could use this to your advantage to get a kill or set up your Jungler.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Gnar is Average

Delay team fights until your Rage Bar is fully stacked. Do not team fight until you’re ready to change. Once you’ve changed forms, make sure you engage and fight.

Group as often as you can. Gnar is a really good team fighter in the mid-game as long as he can get his Ultimate GNAR!R off.

When no team fights are occurring, split push. Your champion is good at split pushing, so you may as well go to a side lane and start to push while your team attempts to siege elsewhere.

Late game
25+ min
Gnar is Average

Group with your team in the late game. If you split up and leave their side, it’s going to be difficult for them to win the team fight and the enemy may try to force a fight when you show somewhere else on the map.

Play around your Rage bar. Be prepared to force a team fight when applicable if you’re about to transform.

If you’re not about to change forms, delay team fights for as long as possible until your Rage bar is stacked and you can change forms.

Power Spikes
Early game

Gnar gets his first power spike when he hits level three and has access to all his abilities. He can now use his Hyper / WallopW empowered auto-attacks to poke down enemies while using his Hop / CrunchE to escape any sticky situation.

Once he gets his Ultimate GNAR!R, he will start having a different kind of presence in team fights. He can easily land five-man Ultimate GNAR!R on grouped members while his team finishes them off.

When he gets his first major item, his damage output will increase dramatically.

Mid game

His next power spike is when he hits level 9 and gets his Boomerang Throw / Boulder TossQ maxed out. It allows him to poke and do a lot of damage while slowing his target.

Another power spike is when he hits level 13. This is when he has his Hyper / WallopW maxed out which allows him to deal consistent DPS in his mini form.

He should be keeping his Passive bar half-filled for most of the time. He is really strong near walls and closed areas, especially near the objective pits.

Late game

Late game he will just be reliant on flanking the enemy team or landing multi-man Ultimate GNAR!Rs on the enemy team. This will allow his team to layer CC on the enemy team and get rid of them.

His objective fighting potential will be extremely strong during this phase of the game. If the enemy is clustered in a pit, they will most probably get decimated by Gnar's team and him.

His Ultimate GNAR!R will come in very handy during this stage of the game. He will have to play around with vision and use that to slow targets with his Boomerang Throw / Boulder TossQ while he prepares to ult a bunch of enemy champions.

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