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Power Spike

Deathbringer StanceP
The Darkin BladeQ
Infernal ChainsW
Umbral DashE
World EnderR
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Aatrox Strengths & Weaknesses

Aatrox is a lane bully who can snowball quite quickly. If you can get an early lead, try to abuse it to get more kills in the lane to increase your chances of winning the game.

You’re a very mobile champion thanks to your Umbral DashE. It can be used in multiple ways and is a good way of turning around exchanges with the enemy.

You have tons of sustain thanks to your Passive and Ultimate World EnderR. This will increase your survivability in team fights and skirmishes.


Make sure you’re only using your abilities when you have to, especially your Umbral DashE. Aatrox suffers from long cooldowns and is easily abusable when they’re on cooldown.

You’ll fall off in the later stages of the game. Try and end the game as quickly as you can or snowball your lead so you’ll be a huge threat in team fights.

Aatrox is not an easy champion to learn. He has a unique mechanic on his The Darkin BladeQ which does take some time getting used to. You’ll need to put in a lot of practice to master this champion.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Aatrox is Strong

Avoid committing to extended trades with the enemy in the very early game. Wait until you have a few levels under your belt before looking to fight.

Play around your The Darkin BladeQ hotspots in the lane, and avoid using them unless you’re able to trade. When your The Darkin BladeQ is on cooldown; you’re pretty vulnerable and will lose 1v1 fights.

Make sure you make use of your Passive empowered auto. If you’re able to use it periodically on the enemy laner, your chances of winning the lane increases.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Aatrox is Strong

When your team isn’t looking to fight, split push and apply pressure elsewhere on the map.

Avoid team fighting during the mid-game unless you have your Ultimate World EnderR up. When it’s on cooldown, you’ll miss out on a lot of sustain and damage, so you must play around with this abilities cooldown.

In mid-game team fights, look for picks by flanking the enemy backline. If you can get on to an enemy carry, you will increase your chances of winning a fight.

Late game
25+ min
Aatrox is Average

In the later parts of the game, stick with your team and look for picks. Avoid splitting up or being too far apart from them as the enemy may force a fight while you’re nowhere nearby.

Play around your Ultimate World EnderR and avoid committing to fights while it is on cooldown. If you fight while it’s on cooldown, you’ll miss out on a lot of healing and extra damage, which can make the difference in a late-game team fight.

In team fights, flank the enemy to make it easier for yourself to get onto the enemy backline. Positioning away from your team but close enough to join the fight could give the enemy a false sense of security, making the enemy think the fight is 4v5: forcing them to overextend.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Aatrox’s first significant spike is at level 3 when he has access to all his basic abilities. This will allow him to go for favourable trades.

Once Aatrox gets his first component item, he will be able to go for favourable trades. Look to play more aggressive once you get your first component item.

When Aatrox has obtained his Ultimate World EnderR; his kill pressure increases dramatically. The extra damage and healing he gets from this ability can help him start a snowball.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Once Aatrox hits level 9, his The Darkin BladeQ will be maxed. The reduced cooldown and additional haste will mean this ability is on a very short cooldown.

During the mid-game, Aatrox will have brought items that will reduce his abilities cooldown. Through levels 9-13, his abilities will be on a very short cooldown.

When Aatrox hits level 11 and puts two points in his Ultimate World EnderR, he will be a severe threat to the enemy in team fights. Fight around your Ultimate World EnderR to deal a ton of damage and survive the team fight.

Late game25+ min

Aatrox tends to fall off later in the game as the enemy will buy items that counter him. They will also be grouping which makes it harder for Aatrox to secure kills.

If he can get on to them, you will still be able to take down carries in late game team fights. Suppose you’re able to land a Infernal ChainsW on high priority target- go in and try to take them down.

You must play around with your Ultimate World EnderR in the late game. Fighting while it’s on cooldown could be the difference between winning a fight and losing it. When you have 3 points in your Ultimate World EnderR, your sustain is very difficult to deal with.

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