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Kled · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


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100% AD

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Kled Strengths & Weaknesses

The all-in potential with his JoustingE and Bear Trap on a RopeQ is really strong. It also allows him to set-up ganks for his Jungler and get free kills in the lane.

Kled’s Passive is one of his greatest powers in a full-blown skirmish. He can use it to instigate tower dives and soak tower shots, while if he happens to take a lot of damage and get dismounted, he can easily get Skaarl back.

His Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R allows him to initiate a team fight with ease. It can be used as an ability to score picks on immobile champions as well. The team movement speed increase makes sure that he generally gets sufficient follow-up.


If he gets dismounted and the enemy disengages, he will have a hard time getting Skaarl back. If Kled is against a ranged matchup, he won’t be able to even farm safely while being dismounted.

Missing his JoustingE will make it really easy for the enemy ranged carries to kite him out. If he goes in with his Violent TendenciesW on cooldown, he won’t be as effective as he should be in an all-in.

If he uses his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R and the enemy manages to cut his team off of him, then he won’t have any form of follow up and his team will have lost their frontline. It will cause a lot of mayhem and may cause a team fight loss.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Kled is Strong

Kled needs some time to come online. Play safe in the very early game unless you have a favourable matchup.

Once you have a few levels under your belt, you can look for aggressive plays and extended trades.

At level 6 your kill pressure increases and so does your all-in. Wait for the enemy to overextend before initiating a trade with your Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Kled is Strong

Split push in the mid-game. Drawing pressure while your team fights somewhere else on the map is a great way of opening up the map and gaining a gold lead.

Look to flank in team fights. If you can attack from the side and get on a key target, the chances of you winning a team fight will be increased.

Look for picks or look to fight the person who you’re laning against when they try to stop you from split pushing. If you’re ahead, don’t be afraid to fight but always check the map before committing to using your Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R.

Late game
25+ min
Kled is Average

Flank in team fights and try to take down the squishiest member of the enemy team. Taking someone down quickly will give you a huge advantage.

While the enemy is moving into position and preparing to group, someone may be isolated or alone (or they may be too far forward). Pull the trigger and use your Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R to collapse on them.

Look to group with your team in the late game. Grouping is important as you will not be able to impact team fights if you’re away from them- even with your Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R as it takes some time to get into position.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Kled gets a massive power spike at level three with all his abilities at his disposal. He can quickly JoustingE to his enemy, pull them in with his Bear Trap on a RopeQ and keep pelting them with his auto-attacks.

Once he gets his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R, Kled should be good during all-ins. He can also surprise other enemy laners by charging into their lane with his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R.

His kill potential is high during this phase of the game, and he can instigate tower dives due to his Passive. Kled should play aggressively and get fed during this period, or else he will have many troubles during the mid-game.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Getting items should help Kled a lot, especially when he gets his first item completed. His all-in burst damage becomes deceptively strong due to this.

Kled should use his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R to instigate fights around the map when possible. This is especially true when he sees a squishy immobile target farming in the side lane.

His Passive will again come in clutch during this phase of the game. He will quickly refill the Passive bar when he gets dismounted and will get Skaarl back quickly.

Late game25+ min

Kled will fall off a bit during this phase of the game, so he will have to rely on his team. This shouldn't be a problem if Kled were actively making plays during the early and mid-game.

He should still be looking for picks when he can. This is because his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R can allow him to rally his entire team behind him. If he gets a pick without the Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R, Kled can ult to the Baron pit to get the Baron with his team.

His goal will be to create a separation point between the enemy front line and backline. It will allow his team to dissuade any all-in attempts from the enemy team's engagers.

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