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general guide on how to counter Kled

Kled Laning Against

Kled Laning Against

Kled will be looking to fight as much as possible in the early game to get a kill. Keep this in mind and avoid fighting him when playing as a tank.

When duelling Kled, keep an eye on his secondary bar. If it’s almost full, he will mount during the skirmish and he’ll be able to kill you. Avoid going for extended duels when he is about to remount.

Try and keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map early. Doing so will make his all-in less effective. Neither will he be able to chase you down with his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R once you walk up to farm.

Kled Strategy VS

Kled Strategy VS

Kled can use his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R from afar to collapse on enemies that are overextended at the start of the team fight. When grouping, make sure you’re all together and no one is too far forward.

When no team fights are occurring, Kled will attempt to split push. When he isn’t with his team, you could force a team fight with the numbers advantage, but be aware that he can use his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R to join the fight quickly.

Once Kled has been dismounted, make sure you finish him off quickly otherwise he may be able to remount again and take over the team fight.

Kled Power Spikes

Kled Power Spikes

Kled will always be stronger when he is mounted. He is slightly weaker when he is dismounted.

At level 6, Kled has increased mobility and the potential to impact multiple lanes with his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R. He can also use his Ultimate Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R to engage and chase down the enemy. Do not overextend in lane as he can easily kill you.

Kled is one of the strongest champions in the game. He will try to fight you as much as he can to get an early lead.

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