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Viktor · Guide




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

100% AP

0% AD

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Viktor Strengths & Weaknesses

Very efficient wave clear which also allows him to damage multiple enemies at the same time. This gives him an innate advantage against ranged matchups, as well as lane priority in general.

Can disrupt an entire fight with his Gravity FieldW and Ultimate Chaos StormR, so fighting in close spaces is very advantageous for him. He can also chase a single target down with some fancy footwork, by using his Siphon PowerQ.

His poke damage is obnoxious and very strong. This can allow him to force his enemy laner out of the lane and then take objectives with a numbers advantage. In the bot lane, he can use the lane brushes for an added effect of obscurity from enemy laners.


His Gravity FieldW is the only form of self-peel for him. Once that ability is down, he is quite vulnerable to ganks. In team fights, he can be flanked with ease as well.

He will be trying to play safe during the early game and will not have a lot of damage if he can’t upgrade his Passive Core. Playing aggressively and forcing him out of the lane early on can allow his enemy to get a huge advantage on him.

Very prone to all-ins, especially in the bot lane when against a hard crowd control Support. He has some form of movement speed buff with his Siphon PowerQ but layered crowd control can easily counter that.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Viktor is Average

Focus on farming and getting as much gold and XP as possible. You need time and gold before you’re able to come online and deal damage.

Your champion is incredibly weak in the early game. Focus on farming and avoid fighting with the enemy until you’ve got an item behind you.

After your bot lane has moved to the mid lane, rotate to the bot side of the map or somewhere else on the map so you can continue to farm and gain XP. Do not fight anyone unless you have an advantage over them. Continue to get XP and gold.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Viktor is Average

If your allies move to your lane after destroying their tower, rotate and move around the map to continue farming and gaining XP and gold.

Use your abilities to clear the minion waves quickly so your team can siege/ prevent a siege from the enemy team. If you can land poke while also pushing the minion wave, you could look for a favourable trade.

While sieging Baron or Dragon, or whenever you’re pushing the enemy under their tower, look for a pick with your abilities. If you can catch someone out of position or blow them up, you’ll be able to take the objective for free.

Late game
25+ min
Viktor is Strong

Stick with your team in the late game. Do not split up or walk away from them otherwise the enemy may try to pick you off or initiate a 4v5 fight when you’re away from your team.

Look for picks with your abilities. Picking someone off and then collapsing on them to take them down is a great way of winning a team fight and ending the game. Look for picks on isolated targets if possible.

Keep a constant eye on you and your allies positioning. You need to poke the enemy down and delay fights in the late game, but you need to watch your positioning as you move forward to harass. Do not get picked off by trying to harass and poke the enemy down.

Power Spikes
Early game

His Siphon PowerQ gives him a lot of dueling potential in the lane. The shield and the damage are appreciated and increase Viktor's overall power.

When it comes to wave clearing, Viktor will almost always have the upper hand once he gets his Death RayE. This ability is a very potent poke tool as well.

Getting his Ultimate Chaos StormR is a vital powerspike. In combination with his Gravity FieldW, this ability can allow him to get a lot of AoE damage off on the enemy.

Mid game

Given how his Passive works, an upgraded core, will allow him to take over the game really fast. He should aim to fully upgrade the core as quickly as he can.

His Gravity FieldW should be really helpful during this phase of the game. It will benefit fights in tight places and near neutral objective pits.

Getting more items will increase his overall burst damage in the game. He will easily be able to blow squishies up with his Siphon PowerQ and Death RayE.

Late game

Once he has all his abilities upgraded, he should be able to do a lot more. His Gravity FieldW CC will be especially handy during this phase of the game.

His Siphon PowerQ shield and movement speed will allow him to peel for himself during this game phase. It will be highly beneficial against assassins and heavy CC.

Buying a Zhonya's Hourglass should help him preserve his power in the game. It will allow him to survive for a longer time and will let his Ultimate Chaos StormR deal a lot of damage while he is in stasis.

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